Georgian Manganese: due to incompetence of the Special Manager, Georgian Manganese is paralyzed

“Due to incompetence of the Special Manager, appointed to Georgian Manganese, the company is paralyzed”, - representatives of the company explainedthat on the 11th of May, by the decision of the court, Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant was included into the authority of the Special Manager, assigned to Georgian Manganese.

“From various sources it became known that computer management systems operate with significant delay, which fully jeopardizes proper functioning of the company.

From our side, we confirm that on the 17th of May, representative of GAA Management, company managing Georgian assets of American company GAA, had a conversation with a representative of Georgian Manganese, Ltd. and offered assistance in solving the possible problems. Regrettably, responsible representative of Georgian Manganese, Ltd. rejected the assistance.

GAA Management publicly expresses readiness to get involved in the process of elimination of shortcomings, to avoid full stopping of production”, - is noted in the statement of the company.

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Georgian Manganese: из-за некомпетентности специального управляющего, Georgian Manganese парализована
19 მაისი, 2017

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