Countries, from which students come to Georgia to study

There are 8 012 foreign students studying in Georgia currently. Compared to 2015-2016 academic year, the number of foreign students in Georgia has increased. Last year, 6 643 foreign students were registered in the country. According to the information provided by the Statistics Service, in Georgia, 3 611 foreign students are working towards bachelor degree and 4 401 – towards master degree.

The biggest number of foreign students working towards bachelor degree – 2 235 – are studying social sciences, business and law.

792 foreign students are registered at health and social security bachelor level and 204 – at the faculty of sciences.

As far as the master degree level is concerned, in 2016-2017 academic year, the biggest number of foreign students working towards master degree was registered at the faculty of health and social security – the number was 4 232. 119 students from foreign countries are participating in master programs of social sciences, law and business.

In 2016, 83 students from foreign countries were registered as working towards a doctor degree in Georgia.

The biggest number of foreign students in Georgia are from Azerbaijan. This year, 2 650 students from neighboring countries are studying in Georgia, last year 2 388 students from these countries were registered. Second place, in terms of number of students studying in Georgia, is held by India with 2 505 students and the third – by Iraq with 974 students. Georgia is also interesting for students from Nigeria – currently, 439 Nigerian students are studying in Georgia.

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