Georgia’s Top 10 Export Products

In January-November 2017, Georgia’s export amounted to 2439,7 mln USD, which is 27% more, than in the similar period of last year.

Without re-export, Georgian export makes 1,8 bln USD. In the accounting period, the leading export products (without re-export) were ores and copper concentrates, export of which amounted to 379,1 mln USD.

According to the information, provided to Forbes by the Georgian National Statistics Service, Georgia’s top 10 export products are:

  • Ores and copper concentrate – 379,1 mln USD
  • Ferro-alloys – 285,2 mln USD
  • Natural grape wines – 153,9 mln USD
  • Mineral and fresh waters – 87 mln USD 
  • Hazelnut and other nuts – 72 mln USD 
  • Mineral, chemical, nitrogen fertilizers – 71,6 mln USD 
  • processed or semi-processed gold or gold powder – 64,5 mln USD 
  • non-methylated spirit, alcohol drinks (with spirit concentration <80%) – 51 mln USD 
  • Hand or machine made T-shirts, sweaters and other knitted garment – 40 mln USD 
  • Crude oil and crude oil products, derived from bitumen minerals – 37,1 mln USD 

Without re-export, top ten export products do not include motorcars and health products, total export of which in January-November made 11% and 5,2% accordingly.

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