Statement by the Georgian Co-Investment Fund

The Georgian Co-Investment Fund distributes its statement concerning the technological company BitFury.

The Georgian Co-Investment Fund responds to the unfounded assertions recently made by some politicians and wishes to provide the society with truthful information.

In 2014, the Georgian Co-Investment Fund provided the leading international company BitFury with loan financing. Bitfury’s introduction to Georgia facilitated the development of high tech sector in the country and made Georgia visible on the world’s technological map.

The above mentioned loan was fully repaid by the company in 2015. Accordingly, we would like to inform you that neither the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, nor Bidzina Ivanishvili or any company related to him hold any shares of Bitfury in Gori or in Gldani Data Center.

We would also like to state that none of the politicians interested in the above issue has contacted the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, which fact once again makes clear their pure political motivations. We hereby call on the politicians to treat the issue with more responsibility and double-check the information before making unfounded assertions.

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