Bravo Records Planning To Re-Establish The Online Legal Music Store Bravissimo

Bravo Records is planning to re-establish the online legal music store Bravissimo. Zaza Shengelia, President of the company, says in his interview with Forbes that initially the store was closed down due to pirating problems. In the online store, price for Georgian music was 50 tetri and for foreign music – 90 tetri.

On various sites same music was accessible freely but illegally. We want a legal online store to exist for musicians, to allow them sell their music. We’ve worked five years to become partner of main record labels and we are the first in Georgia o become Warner Music and Sony Music partners and will soon become partners to Universal Music. In future, we are going to have many initiatives that will be useful for developing music industry in Georgia as a full-scale business,” – states Zaza Shengelia.

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