Where do people have most cars

In Tbilisi, one household owns in average 0.51 vehicles. According to ADB survey, compared to 2011, vehicle ownership increases. In those times, one household owned in average 0.40 (+30%) vehicles. Despite this fact, only 7.5% of the surveyed households own 2 or more vehicles.

In Tbilisi, number of vehicles per household by districts is distributed as follows:


Saburtalo – average 0.72 vehicles per household

Vake – 0.70

Chugureti – 0.60

Mtatsminda – 0.56

Gldani – 0.49

Didube – 0.45

Samgori – 0.43

Isani – 0.42

Krtsanisi – 0.39

Nadzaladevi – 0.38

The comparison of Georgia’s rates with the rates of other countries and cities of the world is following:


USA – average 1.86 vehicles per household

Sarajevo – 0.58

Tallinn – 0.54

Paris – 0.52

Tbilisi – 0.51

Among the districts, where the largest share of the population own two or more vehicles, Vake and Saburtalo are leaders, while among the districts with the least number people owning vehicles, leaders are Nadzaladevi and Krtsanisi.

Vehicle ownership is directly correlated with the incomes of a household: households with monthly income of less than 300 GEL, in average own 0.2 vehicles, while the households with monthly income of more than 2500 GEL, in average own 1.2 vehicles.

Of households with the income of 300 GEL only 15% have at least one vehicle.

Average age of a vehicle is 13 years. In Tbilisi, only a small share of private vehicle are new.

In other cities of the world, average age of vehicles is following: Paris – 9 years; Tallinn – 12 years; Sarajevo – 12 years.

In Tbilisi, approximately 357 000 people have driving license, which is about 32% of total population.

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