Nikolai Uskov leaving the position of the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Forbes

Decision on Uskov’s leaving Forbes Russia was made by owner of ACMG Media Group Aleksandr Fedotov, who also owns other publishing brands in Russia. ACMG’s official statement reads that the publishing house is not happy with the “quality of editorial work”.

In his turn, Uskov posted a statement on his Facebook page confirming his leaving Forbes Russia and explaining that he was fired for participating in the Special Opinion show of the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

Nikolai Uskov also said that the publishing house made an attempt to pay him a severance fee and he was offered about $100,000, however, the former editor-in-chief of Forbes Russia refused to accept the offer, as he explains, “to protect the reputation and dignity of the magazine”.

Nikolai Uskov speaks of the owner of ACMG Company and the main stakeholder of Forbes Russia, as a dilettante, trying to turn the magazine into a platform of his own imagination and desires.

Nikolai Uskov was named editor in chief of Forbes in January 2016. Previously, he was the editor in chief of the Russian version of GQ magazine and the magazine Snob.

Longtime Forbes journalist Nikolai Mazurin was appointed acting editor-in-chief of Forbes.

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