A Brand New Concept – A Home Away from Home

A Brand New Concept – A Home Away from Home

For the Georgian hospitality and real estate sector, March 2023 was outstanding, given that the first all-inclusive hotel complex in Georgia with the most extensive hotel infrastructure was presented in Batumi. The new hotel complex Wyndham Grand Residences Batumi Gonio and Wyndham Grand Hotel Batumi Gonio will be built in partnership with the international hotel leader Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in the resort area of Gonio in Batumi. The global company plans to raise a total investment of $111 million, cover thirty thousand square meters and employ 1,200 citizens during construction and another 700 locals after the hotels open.

The complex is conceived as a tourist city within a city and consists of four hotels and all-inclusive residences. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2024-2026, and the hotels of the complex will be put into operation in stages. As for the construction itself, European Village Construction Holding – a company engaged in building luxury real estate on the Georgian Riviera – will oversee it. It is worth mentioning that European Village Construction has already operated in the Georgian market for seven years and produces exclusive properties, each with unique characteristics, making them stand out from the mass market. The capitalization of the company’s construction projects from July 2021 to April 2022 alone reached 86%. In addition, the company’s turnover has grown ten times over the past year, from $762,000 in 2021 to $9,700,000 in 2022.

From a tourism perspective, the construction of Wyndham Grand Residences Batumi Gonio and Wyndham Grand Hotel Batumi Gonio is an outstanding event for Adjara. The complex will become one of the most significant projects of the world hotel leader Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in the Eastern hemisphere. It is planned to have 1,055 hotel rooms and 75 infrastructure facilities. As for the infrastructure, it includes three spa complexes, one of which is halal, a bath complex with a hammam, as well as Russian, Finnish and Japanese baths, saunas, two indoor and four outdoor pools with bars, an aqua zone and slides, an indoor halal pool, two fitness centers, twelve restaurants, cafes and bars, wine and chacha houses with tasting rooms, a heliport and much more. In addition, there is a coworking area, four meeting rooms, and a conference room for professional events. Furthermore, playgrounds, cafes, playrooms, a club with animators and a nanny, a rope park, a climbing wall, and other entertainment attractions are planned for leisure.

On March 17th, the management of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) presented the whole concept of the large-scale hotel project Wyndham Grand in Batumi. The regional president and the development director were present, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Finance & Economy and the tourism department of Adjara.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA President Dimitris Manikis:

“I am very honored that this resort bears the Wyndham name. Soon this project will become a reality. The new project will bring together thousands and thousands of people in Batumi and Gonio, attracting many new guests to your amazing country. Georgia is quickly becoming a mecca for international tourism. Its natural beauty and history make it the perfect destination for those wanting a holiday away from the usual tourist-heavy destinations elsewhere in Europe. Gonio has the ideal combination of all this – the Black Sea is magnificent here, and the fact that it is nestled between the sea and the mountains makes its natural beauty even more alluring.”

Adjara – the region of investment opportunities as it is called – has been attracting more and more investors over the years. One clear illustration of this is the cost of implementation of the Wyndham Grand project, which is $50 million. The Minister of Finance & Economy of Adjara Jaba Putkaradze noted during the presentation:

“Today, I am thrilled and excited about the launch of this project. In terms of investment, this project is unprecedented because, thanks to it, up to 1,200 of our citizens will be employed, which is very significant for our region. From our side, from the side of the government, both central and regional, support and cooperation will continue.”

The head of the tourism department of Adjara spoke about the importance and value of this project and highlighted that the arrival of 1,000 new hotel rooms is a significant event for the growth of the tourism sector, especially given that the development of all-year-round tourism is vital for the Adjara region.

The partnership with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and one of the most prominent international management companies, Aimbridge Hospitality, will provide package tours to the region through collaboration with international tour operators. A high level of service, a wealth of infrastructure located across 15,000m2, and the possibility of various types of recreation for tourists from different regions will ensure an all-year-round flow of tourists to Adjara. In addition, the complex has open and closed infrastructure for family recreation and its own clinic for physiotherapy and rehabilitation with a salt room, water treatments, and massages. All this will allow you to relax in the complex all year round and receive wellness services. According to a study, the number of tourists that will visit the Wyndham Grand projects in Gonio will be 400,000.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA Development Director Sergey Egorov noted in the presentation:

“This project is special compared to other projects because of the unprecedented scale of the infrastructure. In addition, the location of Gonio is the best place for a resort project on the entire coast. It is an amazing place with magnificent mountains, sea and sky. The concept of the project is also important: ‘A home away from home’ is just fantastic. This place will radically change the way people think about recreation.”

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts are in an exciting phase of evolution. Recently, the company reached over 9,300 hotels in 153 countries and now covers twenty-four brands. Being the next strategic destination for such a well-known and reputable brand is a privilege. Georgian hospitality, its culture, location, people, and nature were the primary motivation for the investors and European Village Construction to get involved in this project and develop it to the highest level. S

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