Ambassador of Georgia in the Tech World

Ambassador of Georgia in the Tech World
In 2008, HT Solutions, a prominent technology solutions company, made its debut in the Georgian market. With a mission to foster innovation and drive digital transformation within organizations, HT Solutions introduces a range of cutting-edge services and solutions to the industry. CEO Nino Gvazava shares insights on prevailing challenges and emerging trends in the IT sector.

Let’s begin by discussing HT Solutions itself, starting with its mission and core business activities.

HT Solutions, a technology services and solutions provider, has been operating in the Georgian market since its establishment in 2008. Our mission is driven by a bold vision: to represent Georgia as a technological trailblazer on the global stage. To achieve this, we are committed to introducing the latest and most innovative technologies to both local markets and businesses. Our distinctive approach is evident in our ability to swiftly embrace advancements from the forefront of the global tech landscape and effectively integrate these novel methodologies and technologies into Georgian organizations. Consequently, HT Solutions is poised as a forward-thinking, adaptable, and pioneering technology company that aspires to be the face of our nation in the international market.

Given these considerations, what sets HT Solutions apart from other companies, both domestically and internationally?

In the Georgian IT integration landscape, we recognize the presence of numerous successful firms. However, several key factors distinguish us in this competitive space. First and foremost, we place paramount importance on commencing our solutions from the specific business needs and objectives of our clients and partner organizations. Our approach is centered on identifying and implementing optimal and practical solutions that cater to each business’s unique requirements.

Secondly, we are dedicated to introducing novel elements to the Georgian market, whether they pertain to technology, business processes, or other innovative concepts. This ongoing commitment to innovation sets us apart and fosters a dynamic environment for growth and development.

Lastly, HT Solutions prides itself on an internal culture that we believe is distinctive and sets us apart from other companies. This culture underpins our approach to doing business and the way we interact with our clients and partners. It is a defining aspect of our identity in the industry.

In your role as CEO of HT Solutions, could you please describe your key responsibilities and how you see your role within the company?

I have had the privilege of serving as the CEO at HT Solutions for the past three years. My primary objective within the company is to cultivate a culture that empowers our employees to realize their full potential. I aim to create an environment where individuals are encouraged to voice diverse and even critical perspectives and contribute their unique problem-solving visions. We value a broad outlook that accurately assesses situations and selects appropriate solutions.

In addition to fostering this culture, my responsibilities encompass enhancing our business processes, driving portfolio growth, acquiring new clients, and more.

A bit about my background: I graduated from a physics-mathematics school before pursuing a degree in business administration at ESM, where I graduated at the top of my class. Despite my academic path, my true passion has always been in the tech realm. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to join HT Solutions at a pivotal moment when we were establishing our innovative DevOps department, which I had the privilege of leading. DevOps represents a modern approach to crafting IT processes and products, and we were pioneers in this field, successfully executing numerous noteworthy projects under my guidance. While I may not have received formal academic training in technology, my knowledge has been enriched through courses, hands-on projects, and our collaborations with international partners over time.

Could you elaborate on HT Solutions’ strategic focus, its areas of specialization in technologies and services, and how you evaluate the company’s long-term vision?

Over the past three years, we’ve witnessed a radical transformation in the technology landscape, with a substantial increase in the demand for IT professionals, both locally and globally. Consequently, our strategic focus has evolved, and we’ve embraced a dual role of not only providing technology solutions but also acting as service providers for our clients. Our unique approach involves our full-time engineers seamlessly integrating into our clients’ teams, essentially becoming an extension of their workforce. This integration provides significant comfort and value to many companies. In the short and long term, our primary aim is to supply the market with highly skilled staff to ensure the continuity of our clients’ businesses.

In terms of technologies and service offerings, we cover a broad spectrum of areas. This includes fundamental IT infrastructure and network setup, security and cyber protection, DevOps and digital transformation, as well as big data processing. Notably, our focus on big data processing has intensified over the past year. Leveraging artificial intelligence and various language models, we simplify the data processing journey for companies. This empowers them to gain valuable insights from diverse data sources and enables the delivery of truly personalized experiences to their customers. This diversification underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and addressing the evolving needs of our clients.

You mentioned the intensifying competition in the market and the fast-paced nature of the tech industry. How do you intend to maintain your competitiveness and drive the introduction of new trends?

Indeed, technology evolves rapidly, and so does our approach. Our team is consistently at the forefront of innovation, and each year in September, we make it a point to introduce new services to the market. This strategy ensures that we not only keep up with technological advancements but also set the pace. Our American partners play a significant role in our journey by sharing their invaluable experience, allowing us to align with the latest industry developments.

At HT Solutions, we embrace a culture where every team member’s input is not just valued but vital. Our commitment to fostering an environment where everyone’s opinions are heard and respected is, I believe, the cornerstone of our success in this dynamic and competitive landscape.

Returning to the company’s achievements, could you highlight some recent technological advancements or service offerings that stand out as sources of pride for HT Solutions?

In our portfolio, one area of notable significance is big data processing, which has been particularly intriguing. This entails engaging in extensive collaboration with our clients’ data scientists, delving deep into intricate details, and ultimately yielding fascinating results. I’d like to emphasize a project that we hold in high regard. This project involves leveraging artificial intelligence to monitor compliance with labor safety standards. It has the potential to make a significant impact in preventing fatal incidents. Typically, such tragic accidents occur due to lapses in attention, and with AI issuing alerts, we have the potential to avert life-threatening situations. This project is particularly gratifying because it demonstrates our ability to use technology to enhance people’s lives and even save them.

Furthermore, we maintain active partnerships with the financial sector, including banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. In fact, we have established business relationships with nearly all the prominent companies in the Georgian market. As an example, we assisted one company in enhancing team performance and streamlining task allocation through digital transformation of their business processes. This resulted in a healthier work environment, reduced employee burnout, improved team communication, and heightened motivation among their staff.

As you’ve already noted, the demand for IT professionals has seen a significant surge, prompting a shift towards becoming a service provider. In this highly competitive environment, how do you attract and engage top-tier specialists?

One of the primary attractions of working with an integrator company lies in the diverse and dynamic nature of the role. Our daily interactions vary significantly as we cater to a wide range of technologies and client requirements. This constant diversity propels us to continuously explore innovative solutions. Moreover, our official partnerships with global industry leaders such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft greatly pique the interest of the specialists we seek to engage.

Our specialists have privileged access to the internal resources of these renowned partners, including top-tier professionals, exclusive conferences, and comprehensive developmental opportunities. Consequently, we offer an environment that fosters their personal and professional growth, providing them with the ideal platform for advancing their careers.

When it comes to the commitment to social responsibility, what are the primary areas of focus for HT Solutions?

Given our overarching mission to represent Georgia as a prominent technological economy in the global market, we recognize the importance of driving positive change within our nation. In this pursuit, we place a significant emphasis on nurturing and empowering the country’s future generation. We understand that access to technology and quality education from an early age is not universally accessible, often coming too late in life. As such, the development of young minds is a top priority for us.

To support this mission, we allocate 5% of our net profit each year to initiatives dedicated to the advancement of the younger generation. Our efforts encompass funding for students and schoolchildren, providing them with access to computers, and expanding internet connectivity, among other endeavors. Through these investments, we endeavor to equip and inspire the next generation with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.

In terms of current market trends, could you elaborate on the challenges you see both on a global and local scale?

An unmistakable trend in the market revolves around competencies. The demand for skilled professionals has significantly surged, and, as previously mentioned, we’re deeply involved in integrating our employees into our clients’ teams, offering invaluable support on a daily basis.

Another notable global trend, spanning the last decade, is the remarkable growth of cloud transformations. Whereas cloud technology adoption was relatively slow in prior years, it’s now rapidly becoming an integral component of virtually every company and operation. This transition is highly advantageous, delivering substantial financial and operational benefits. We actively engage in this trend, assisting startups, newly established businesses, and large organizations in devising the right strategies and architectures for embracing cloud technologies.

As for specific challenges within Georgia, two key issues stand out. Firstly, there’s the matter of internet and technology access, which we’re actively contributing to addressing. We anticipate that, in a few years, the situation in the country will improve, with the ambitious Black Sea cable project playing a pivotal role in advancing our nation in this regard. Secondly, regulatory factors are an important consideration. On this front, we believe we’re making progress and heading in the right direction. We foresee the imminent creation of a more liberal regulatory environment, which will be instrumental in fostering innovation and growth.

Lastly, HT Solutions hosted the Change Inspire conference. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the event and its outcomes?

I’m pleased to report that the conference’s outcomes surpassed not only our expectations but also those of the attending audience. The event, on a grand scale, was especially gratifying due to the substantial networking opportunities it facilitated, uniting numerous industry professionals in one setting. Equally important, we successfully accomplished our primary objectives, which included sharing knowledge and disseminating the latest updates and information.

The conference featured engaging speakers, with notable mentions to representatives from “Privatbank” in Ukraine and Amazon. They highlighted their remarkable achievement of executing the largest and fastest cloud transformation, a feat accomplished in just a month and a half, while transferring the largest bank of the country to the cloud. We also welcomed speakers from “Azertelecom” and Georgia’s state electricity systems, who elaborated on the significance of the Black Sea cable, a vital project for our country.

In sum, the conference was a comprehensive and significant gathering. We’ve already embarked on active preparations for next year’s event, building upon this year’s success.