Business With a Sense of Responsibility – Tegeta Holding Introduced Its CSR Strategy

Business With a Sense of Responsibility – Tegeta Holding Introduced Its CSR Strategy
  • The leading company of the autosphere in the Transcaucasia region is one of the first to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy in compliance with international standards.
  • Employee welfare, environmental responsibility and safety are priority areas of the document.
  • The company presented its 2022 CSR project report to Tegeta employees, partner organizations and media.

Tegeta Holding is the first large Georgian company to have developed a corporate sustainability strategy in line with European standards. The document defines the Holding’s vision, general policy, long-term objectives and action directions according to all the main areas of sustainable development.

On the basis of research, the priority directions of the strategy were defined as the welfare of employees, environmental responsibility, and safety. Strategic plans were developed for each direction, which the company intends to implement prior to 2030. The presentation of the document was held in Tbilisi Digital Space.

Vakhtang Kacharava, Executive Director of Tegeta Holding: “Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of Tegeta’s activities. Moreover, we consider caring for the well-being of society to be part of the identity of the Holding. For Tegeta, as a responsible business, our corporate social responsibility strategy is our most important guideline. I am proud that we are the first large Georgian company to have developed a CSR strategy based on international standards. We believe that, by working together, we will be able to create a business model focused on sustainable development, useful for the company and all its stakeholders”.

The long-term strategy was prepared on the basis of a study. Target groups were interviewed, including the employees of the Holding, whose direct involvement will be necessary for the implementation of the strategy, and the social, environmental and economic impacts of Tegeta Holding’s activities were determined. Interested persons were identified, as were the strengths of the company’s CSR activities, its weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement. The company’s priority directions, long-term goals, objectives and strategy measurement tools were also defined.

The CSR strategy, integrated with the company’s vision, was presented to invited guests by the head of strategic communications of Tegeta Holding, and the company’s corporate social responsibility manager.

Natika Berdzuli, Head of Strategic Communications at Tegeta Holding: “In this unique guidebook, the holding’s core values, goals and objectives, which are crucial to the implementation and development of corporate social responsibility, are collected. Despite the fact that Tegeta Holding has been implementing various social projects for years, this process was not unified in one system. The necessity to do so led to the creation of a direction that will be responsible for sustainable development projects. For the effective operation of these processes, it was necessary to elaborate a single document. Developing the strategy turned out to be a long process. We worked on it together with the consulting agency CSR Agency, and offer our appreciation to them for this effort. As a result, we received a perfect corporate sustainability document.

We have recently introduced a number of beneficial changes within the company in the direction of corporate social responsibility, and have started cooperation with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals, implemented unprecedented projects along with partners, and made CSR an integral part of our corporate culture.”

Together with the presentation of the CSR strategy in Tbilisi Digital Space, Tegeta Holding summed up a year of activity within the frames of its corporate social responsibility. The location was specially selected for the event, and guests were invited to a digital exposition of projects implemented in 2022, presented in the form of a projection.

The Holding declared 2022 as the Year of Care. A care platform – was created, where those organizations are listed that are in particular need of support. More than 100,000 GEL was collected through platform donations.

During 2022, within the frames of said care campaign, Tegeta Holding, together with partner organizations, implemented various projects that reflected the international idea and goals of sustainable development.

The results of Tegeta’s 2022 CSR projects are as follows: Up to 100 social entrepreneurs have boosted their qualifications; More than 200 teenagers were involved in the process of education promotion; Up to 30 women were trained professionally; More than 600 beneficiaries received their desired gifts; More than 200 animals underwent medical procedures necessary for their health; In order to reduce impact on the environment, tons of waste oil, tires and batteries were recycled, 2,800 bundles of paper were saved, and up to 50,000 plastic bottles were sent for recycling. S