Forbes Georgia in English - Issue #3

Forbes Georgia in English - Issue #3

We’re happy to introduce 3rd English issue of the Forbes Georgia. 

1st COVER STORY: With his propose new business alliance with RCI and Wyndham Hotel Group, Akaki Songulia promises to transform Georgia’s vacation history. 

2nd COVER STORY: Exclusive interview with his Excellency Mr. Ian C. Kelly, U.S Ambassador to Georgia. Author: Kate Tabatadze, Photos: Khatuna Khutsishvili.

3rd COVER STORY: Willis Towers Watson, the company with combined revenue of 8.2 billion dollars, began a rebranding wave in over 120 countries, including Georgia. Author: Kate Tabatadze, Photos: Khatuna Khutsishvili.

Read also:

U.S-Georgian Bilateral Economic Relations by Rusudan Kemularia.

American Business in Georgia by Fady Asly.

US Involvement Across Georgia’s Economy by George Welton.

Seven Questions Regarding Mega Complexes by Sandro Tarkhan-Mouravi.

Trump’s Administration: Billionaires’ Cabinet – A Genuine Big League by Elene Panchulidze.

The Preferred Employer by Ana Tskhovrebova.

How RCI Will Make a Difference in Georgia by Kate Tabatadze.

Full of Dreams by Elene Kvanchilashvili.

Direct Mineral Resources Managerby Nini Longurashvili.

Nebula Forms Stars by Anita Muskaria.

Optio-Ai – Georgian Finance Chatbot by Maka Tskhvediani.

Transformation of Tourism Sector by Vakhtang Asatashvili.

Winter Tune by Niko Nergadze.

Investment in Passion by Nini Longurashivili.

The New Silk Road by Marita Chanishvili.

My Helmet Couldn’t Care Less by Alexander Davitashvili.

Top 25 U.S. Presidents by Net worth.

The World’s Best-Value CEOs.

… and many more.

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