Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N27

Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N27

We are happy to introduce the 27th English issue of Forbes Georgia.

Cover Story: Where Concrete Meets Nature

York Holding Group is on the verge of digitalizing the Georgia real estate industry. Amr Alabwaz is orchestrating the technological transformation.

Cover Story: Georgian Intellectual Capital

Tamar Gakharia, Chief Financial Officer at CBS Group, about dealmaking, motherhood, and leading with empathy.


◾ How Much Does It Cost to Host the Worl Cup? | Author: Georgy Aronia

◾ The TOP 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2022 | Author: Carmen Ang

◾ Which Populations Feel Their Country is on the Wrong Track? | Author: Chris Dickert

◾ Preparation for The Winter – How Exactly Does the EU Tackle the Challenge of the Energy Crisis? | Author: David Tvalavadze

◾ Neuromarketing in Georgia: The First Steps Towards a Promising Future | Author: David Tvalavadze

◾ The Newest Text-to-Image AI – The Future of Culture and Business? | Author: Nino Bakradze

◾ Healthy Ambition – Interview with Beka Khoperia | Author: Elene Kvanchilashvili

◾ BEMONI – TOP Quality In Energy – Interview with Giorgi Mirtskhulava | Author: Tamta Jijavadze

◾Where Concrete Meets Nature – Interview with Amr Alabwaz | Author: Georgy Aronia

◾ CBS Group – Georgian Intellectual Capital | Author: Georgy Aronia

◾ Thirty Years of TBC and Its Technological Future – Interview with Vakhtang Butskhrikidze | Author: Elene Kvanchilashvili

◾ Live Your Own Life – Interview with Nikoloz Medzmarishvili | Author: Tatia Chapichadze

◾ Twenty Years of Building Georgia – Interview with Gogi Gulordava | Author: Tatia Chapichadze

◾ Moving Forward at the Abkhaz Pace – Khvicha Makatsaria | Author: Giorgi Isakadze

◾ The 150 Largest Georgian Companies by Revenue | Author: Shota Tkeshelashvili

◾ The 183-day Tax Residency Rule in The Republic of Georgia | Author: Gela Barshovi

◾ Where Price Hikes Are Causing More Stress This Christmas | Author: Anna Fleck

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