Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N30

Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N30

We are pleased to present the 30th English issue of Forbes Georgia. This issue features a variety of articles on topics such as business, entrepreneurship, and technology. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Cover Story: Beyond 30 Under 30 – David Kharatishvili on business, Stanford, and the importance of dismantling idols.

At the age of 26, financier David Kharatishvili occupies a prominent position among the 2023 Under-30 honorees. However, his mission extends beyond a single appearance on a Forbes Georgia list.

This edition also features the latest insights, analysis, and trends from the dynamic world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship in Georgia and around the world.

◾ The Top 10 Countries That Rely on Tourism the Most | Analytics by Beso Namchavadze

Tourism generated more than $1 trillion in 2022, with beaches and small island nations being major attractions. Georgia is the 11th most tourism-dependent country, according to the UNWTO. You can find out which countries are leading in the ranking.In 2022, tourism generated more than $1 trillion in revenue, with beaches and small island nations being among the most popular destinations. According to the UNWTO, Georgia is the 11th most tourism-dependent country. You can find out which countries are at the top of the list.

◾ Tourism: Georgia and the Region | Analytics by Egnate Shamugia

Tourism is a critical industry in Georgia, contributing 25% of the economy. Georgia’s main competitors are the Baltic States, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, and Croatia. How does Georgia’s tourism industry compare?

◾ Georgia is Bringing Back Tourists Lost During the Pandemic | Analytics by Beso Namchavadze

Tourism is a major source of income for Georgia, and the economic well-being of its people is heavily dependent on it. In 2022, Georgia had a $5 billion deficit in foreign trade in goods, but this was offset by $3 billion in income from tourists.

◾ Which Foods Have the Greatest Environmental Impact? | Analytics by Dorothy Neufeld

The amount of GHGs from food varies widely, depending on the type of food. What we eat can have a big impact on the environment. A study by Joseph Poore and Thomas Nemecek found that different food types have different carbon footprints.

◾ Visualizing the World’s Growing Millionaire Population (2012-2022) | Analytics by Govind Bhutada

The number of millionaires has increased by 50% in the last decade, from 46 million in 2012 to 72 million in 2022. The report attributes this to tech revolutions, market booms, and other factors.

◾ The Richest People in the World in 2023 | Analytics by Dorothy Neufeld

Ultra-high net worth individuals lost $10 trillion in 2022 due to a lagging stock market, high interest rates, and economic uncertainty. However, some billionaires flourished, posting sky-high revenues. Here are the richest people in the world in 2023.

◾ America’s Most Successful Businesswomen – The List: Richest Self-made Women

100 self-made women worth $124 billion, led by Diane Hendricks. Newcomers include Shonda Rhimes and Daphne Koller.

◾ The Digital Lari: a New Threat to Freedom | OpEd by Egnate Shamugia

“While paper money currently provides the possibility of privacy, the digital lari will make the financial activities of individuals fully visible to the aforementioned bodies. This will be a total invasion of privacy.”

◾ The Life of a Startup Founder: Between Dreams and Burnouts | OpEd by Misho Zghuladze

“Stress is the silent partner in every startup. It is that clingy, unwelcome guest. And while you may assume your peer founders are just stress-resistant superhumans – they’re just as lost, confused and close to their wits’ end as you are.”

◾ Artificial Intelligence in the Renewable Energy Sector | OpEd By Levan Kokaia

Electricity is a key to energy stability, independence, and economic prosperity. AI can help secure renewable energy, but there are risks. This article discusses the importance of AI, how it can be used in renewable energy, and the risks involved.

◾ The Dangers Facing Georgian Cinema | Interview by Giorgi Getiashvili

Nino Kirtadze left her posts at European Cinema Support Fund and European Film Promotion amid reorganization at the Georgian National Film Centre. She discussed the current state and potential of Georgian cinema in an interview with Forbes Georgia.

◾ Beyond 30 Under 30 – David Kharatishvili| Cover Story by Davit Tsiramua

At the age of 26, financier David Kharatishvili occupies a prominent position among the 2023 Under-30 honorees. However, his mission extends beyond a single appearance on a Forbes Georgia list.

◾ Transforming The Cities | Business Story by Davit Tsiramua

Besik Papiashvili and Bolt launched a unique mobility service in Tbilisi in 2013. Ten years later, it’s available in 12 cities and municipalities nationwide. We spoke to Besik about the company’s experiences, achievements, and plans.

◾ The Door Between Past and Present – Unfound Door | Business story by Iza Gvaramadze

Four friends opened the boutique hotel Unfound Door on 111 Aghmashenebeli Avenue in historic Tbilisi. This project is more than a business – it restored a cultural monument to its original form and breathed new life into it. The history of the building is an integral part of Unfound Door’s DNA.

◾ Georgia’s Wine Industry Soars After Decades of Soviet Domination | Interview by John Mariani

Georgia, once a winemaking powerhouse, suffered under Soviet rule. Now, its wines are world-class. We spoke with Lado Uzunashvili, chief winemaker at Vazisubani Estate, about the country’s wine industry.

◾ Georgia and the Black Sea Salt Trade | Story from the Past by Nika Khoperia

Salt used to be a vital resource that was brought to Georgia from various ancient empires. Colchians would exchange it for lumber, linen and slaves. The Laz even started a conflict with Byzantium over the price of salt. The following article explores the history of the Black Sea salt trade route.

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