HT Solutions is Gathering 500 Tech Leaders and Speakers From TBC, Google, AWS, Toyota to Change Inspire Conference

HT Solutions is Gathering 500 Tech Leaders and Speakers From TBC, Google, AWS, Toyota to Change Inspire Conference

On the 7th of July 2023, HT Solutions hosts the largest tech conference in Georgia – Change Inspire.

This conference is a remarkable evolution of the renowned DevSecOps Inspire annual conference. From its humble beginnings as a niche tech event in 2018, it has rapidly grown, attracting over 300 participants in 2022. On this momentous occasion, HT Solutions invites IT managers, CIOs, and Engineers to embark on a captivating journey exploring the latest technological advancements.

Change Inspire is a one-day multi-track event thoughtfully designed to empower attendees with insights and inspiration. Renowned industry experts from both local and global spheres will take the main stage, delivering captivating talks and sharing their invaluable experiences. With 4 distinct tracks dedicated to Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cybersecurity, and Big Data, participants will have the opportunity to delve deep into the latest trends and best practices in these critical domains. The DevOps stage will be co-hosted by TBC Bank, which is known within the community as a tech leader in the bank industry.

Speakers from well-known product giants like AWS, Google, and Toyota and local and international industry leaders like TBC and Space Bank will share their expertise and experience during the day.

“This year, we are bringing the most impressive tech and personal transformation stories to the stage of the Change Inspire conference.

As the CEO of HT Solutions and organizer of the Change Inspire conference, my goal is to unite and inspire the tech community to become leaders of change.

The time for transformation is now, and HT Solutions strives to be the catalysts that will shape our country’s and industry’s future.” – said Nino Gvazava, CEO of HT Solutions.

At the end of the day participants will join the exclusive Change Inspire Conference afterparty, where they can unwind and forge valuable connections in an informal and productive atmosphere, marking the perfect end to a day filled with inspiration and innovation.


About HT Solutions:

HT Solutions is a leading technology solutions provider committed to driving innovation and empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age. With a steadfast focus on delivering exceptional results and unmatched customer experiences, HT Solutions stands at the forefront of technological advancements, offering comprehensive services and solutions that revolutionize industries.