Credo Bank Has Successfully Completed the Integration Process of Finca Bank Georgia

Credo Bank Has Successfully Completed the Integration Process of Finca Bank Georgia

CREDO Bank became FINCA BANK GEORGIA’s 100% shareholder on 7 July 2021; 3 months later, in an unprecedentedly short period of time, the process of integration was completed successfully.

It is important for CREDO Bank to provide its customers with complete and high-quality service. CREDO Bank continues its formation as a strong financial institution. For this purpose, with the active work of the bank, the process of integration has been carried out without any hindrance for the customers of both banks.

The acquisition gives the company the opportunity to grow in the assortment of the products, the Bank’s geographic area as well as the development of innovative offerings and services, especially, digital products and channels. The consolidation provides strengthening of CREDO Bank, emphasises its reliability both on the national and international financial markets.
FINCA BANK GEORGIA was presented in the market with a qualified and strong team that’s why it became the significant acquisition for CREDO Bank.

Since 2014, the shareholders of CREDO Bank have been the consortium of social impact investors, the members of which are: Access Microfinance Holding AG, Triodos Investment Management and Responsibility. Within the current transaction, PROPARCO (Groupe Agence Française de Développement) has added to the number of the Bank’s shareholders, which is the most important achievement for CREDO Bank and, generally, for the whole country.

Provision of micro, small and middle-sized businesses with various financial services remain CREDO Bank’s major goal. For these purposes, along with the traditional banking services, the company actively develops innovative digital products and offers customers a chance of receiving the services online.

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