METROPOL and Louvre Hotels Group: A Unique Collaboration Inspiring New Heights in Real Estate Development in Batumi

METROPOL and Louvre Hotels Group: A Unique Collaboration Inspiring New Heights in Real Estate Development in Batumi

METROPOL, a premier real estate developer, has announced a collaboration with the respected French hospitality brand, Louvre Hotels Group. This partnership breathes new life into the skyline of Batumi, with the introduction of two remarkable projects – the Cube and Oval. This initiative not only ushers in a fresh chapter in Georgia’s real estate sector but also marks the regional debut of the prestigious 5-star hotel brand “Royal Tulip”.

In attendance at the announcement was a special guest, Georg Schlegel, Head of the European Development Team of Louvre Hotels Group. He underlined the importance of this collaboration as an exciting and noteworthy development in the Caucasus region.

Designed with discerning property investors in mind, the Cube project offers an array of distinctive features that encapsulate sophistication and modernity. It includes a conference hall, library lounge, swimming pool, terrace, and a restaurant and lounge area.

The Oval project provides a different flavor, catering to residents seeking leisure-oriented experiences, featuring amenities such as a wine library, cinema, swimming pool, and an inviting terrace.

Both the Cube and Oval, scheduled for completion by the end of 2027, will host the internationally recognized 5-star hotels “Royal Tulip Cube” and “Royal Tulip Oval” respectively.

Giorgi Mkheidze, CEO of METROPOL, underlined the significance of the projects for Batumi and Georgia, highlighting their commitment to attracting world-renowned brands, enhancing real estate standards, and fostering economic growth. This exclusive partnership with Louvre Hotels Group illustrates their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for their esteemed partners.

The Cube and Oval projects hold the potential to reshape Batumi’s real estate market, capturing the interest of property investors seeking rewarding opportunities. With Batumi’s many advantages, including high rental yields, capital appreciation, low taxes, and visa-free travel, it continues to attract foreign investors looking for a profitable and affordable investment destination.



METROPOL is a vibrant real estate company in Georgia. They stand out in the market with their diverse approach, developing residential, investment, and suburban projects simultaneously. With five ongoing construction projects spanning 520,000 square meters, METROPOL is making a substantial impact.

METROPOL recognizes the importance of diversifying their portfolio, integrating both residential and investment projects, creating broader opportunities in the Georgian real estate market.

Committed to construction excellence and fostering vibrant communities, METROPOL has ambitious plans to invest over half a billion GEL in the next three years, showcasing their dedication to Georgia’s development sector.

As an innovative player, METROPOL is reshaping the real estate landscape in Georgia, providing promising opportunities for investors, and setting new benchmarks in the industry. S