Mikheil Lomtadze On Forbes Billionaires List

Mikheil Lomtadze On Forbes Billionaires List

Only two Georgians are listed on the Forbes Billionaires list as of 2021. One of them is the former prime minister of the country – Mr. Ivanishvili is the 600th with a net worth of $4.8 billion. The other Georgian who made it to the list this year is Mikheil Lomtadze – self-made billionaire.

A 45 years old Entrepreneur and CEO with a net worth of $3.8 billion is in 804th position in the billionaires’ list as of April 2021. Mikheil Lomtadze is the CEO and co-owner of the fintech company Kaspi in Kazakhstan.

Kaspi is the largest payments and fintech company in Kazakhstan with over 7 million monthly users. In October 2020 the group listed on the London Stock Exchange with a $6.5 billion valuation.

Mikheil Lomtadze, a Georgian citizen has MBA from Harvard Business School and lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. PwC named him the best CEO of the year in Kazakhstan for the third consecutive time. 

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