Perfection In Simplicity - The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Makes Its Debut In Georgia

Perfection In Simplicity - The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Makes Its Debut In Georgia

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has made its official debut in Georgia and was presented for the very first time in Tbilisi. The Who-is-Who of the society in the Georgian capital also gathered first impressions during an exclusive evening reception.

Mark Clayton, British Ambassador to Georgia, commented during an exclusive dinner on the eve of the debut: “Delighted to attend the launch of this iconic British brand in Georgia.
Rolls-Royce is a byword for excellence. The new Ghost is entirely UK made and is a masterpiece of engineering, tradition and design. The UK industry is renowned for its creativity, innovation and high quality and I am proud that we are able to show another excellent example of Best of British to our friends in Georgia.”

“The debut of new Ghost marks a milestone in the history of Rolls-Royce in Georgia and underpins the importance of the country for our sustained business development in the region,” said Frank Tiemann, Director Corporate Communications Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and continued “Rolls-Royce is the ultimate symbol of success and Ghost brings with it a new, contemporary movement in the world of luxury.”

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Baku, the sole Rolls-Royce dealership in Transcaucasia, hosted the event. Nurlan Panahli, Brand Manager in Baku, emphasized: “We are really excited to present new Ghost in Georgia. Based on the feedback we have received so far it seems Ghost suits the requirements of our customer here thoroughly. It is the flagbearer of a new minimalistic realm of luxury as well as technologically the most advanced Rolls-Royce ever.”

New Ghost is perfect in its simplicity, but creating this pure environment was one of the greatest challenges in the marque’s history.

The marque’s designers, engineers and craftspeople demanded the freedom to create a very specific personality for new Ghost. These men and women were only able to create an authentically super-luxury product without the constraints of platforms used to underpin lesser, high-volume vehicles. Hence, the Rolls-Royce proprietary aluminium spaceframe architecture.

Reserved exclusively for Rolls-Royce, this architecture already serves its flagship, Phantom, and its transformative SUV, Cullinan. The spaceframe’s flexibility and scalability freed the marque to serve the unique aesthetic and technological demands of new Ghost, and in doing so created an acoustically superior, highly rigid and dynamic proposition for Ghost within the Rolls-Royce product portfolio.

As Ghost clients required even more of their motor car, Rolls-Royce used its architecture to respond, incorporating technology such as all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, unlocking an entirely new, purposeful personality.

New Ghost reflects an evolved appreciation of luxury, one defined by minimalism and purity, but underpinned by great substance. In the pre-sketch ideation phase of new Ghost’s design development, this treatment was named ‘Post Opulence’ – a movement defined by authenticity of materials rather than overt statement, which had already established roots in architecture, fashion, jewellery and boat design.

The interior aesthetic applies the same minimalist principles as the exterior. Busy details and superficial embellishments were rejected not only to create a more relaxing refuge, but to better celebrate the material substance and maximise the impact of bespoke personalisation.

For those who express a desire for a chauffeur-driven business limousine for the week that can transform into a serenely comfortable and dynamic self-driven saloon at the weekend, Ghost Extended is the response. Ghost Extended presents its own identity within the minimalist design philosophy, it offers the indulgence of enhanced rear seating space with no compromise to Ghost’s driving dynamics.

Ghost Extended offers 170mm more space than Ghost, providing more rear legroom than any four-seat sedan with the exception of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended. The extra length is accommodated by only extending the rear door and body around the rear door apertures, preserving the lines of the car.

Tiemann emphasized: “These days in Tbilisi are a great opportunity to meet existing customers, prospects and friends of the brand in order to share our philosophy of true luxury as well as impressions of the motor cars proudly carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy.”

Photo Credits to Lasha Ghughunishvili

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