Georgian Businesses in Support of Ukraine

Georgian Businesses in Support of Ukraine

A significant portion of the Georgian business sector expresses its solidarity. Together, they support the Ukrainian people, with companies and organizations publicly condemning Russian military aggression and reaffirming Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Several steps have been taken to help the Ukrainians in Georgia on behalf of private initiatives: special charity bank accounts have been set up, hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid have been collected, some companies provide services to Ukrainian citizens free of charge; charity events supporting Ukraine are held actively. About 600 tons of humanitarian cargo has been sent from Georgia to Ukraine.

Forbes Georgia offers a list of Georgian companies and organizations that have donated to help the Ukrainian people. It should be noted that the list is by no means exhaustive, as the number of companies supporting Ukraine grows each day.


Pharmacies and medical networks are particularly active in assisting Ukrainian citizens. In addition to providing financial assistance, they are sending humanitarian aid and medicines to the country.

Companies “GPC” and “Pharmadepot” have sent humanitarian aid and medicines to Ukraine and provided GEL 1 million to assist Ukrainian citizens in Georgia. PSP Pharmacy has allocated GEL 200,000 worth of medications and first aid items for the exact cause. “Biochimpharm” delivered medicines worth GEL 40,000 to Ukraine. “Aversi” pharmacy chain also helps the country, providing humanitarian aid and treatments.

“Even Clinics”, “Davit Tatishvili Health Center”, “Pineo Medical Ecosystem”, and “Vivamedi Medical Center” offer free medical care to Ukrainian citizens stranded in Georgia due to the ongoing war.


It is safe to say that Georgian commercial banks and microfinance organizations have played a prominent role in supporting the Ukrainian people. In addition to providing direct financial assistance to those affected by the war, they have coordinated the mobilization of funds, allowing many businesses and individuals to contribute to the cause.

TBC Bank has set up a charity fund and made an initial deposit of GEL 200,000. The fund has accumulated over GEL 1.5 million, part of which GEL 501,000 has already been transferred by TBC to Ukraine. The Bank of Georgia also created a fund to help the Ukrainian people. It transferred GEL 250,000 in the form of an initial contribution to its fund called “Tree of Life” – in total, more than GEL 1.5 million were accumulated in the fund. Credo Bank also expresses support to the Ukrainian people. It transfers GEL 100 000 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The microfinance organization “MBC” also expressed its solidarity and transferred 50 thousand GEL to Ukraine.

In addition to direct financial assistance, TBC Bank and Pasha Bank abolished commissions on transfers in support of Ukraine, thus facilitating the transfer of funds for Georgian individuals willing to make contributions.

Banks and microfinance organizations have also shown great care for Ukrainians in Georgia, helping them in different ways: TBC Bank now provides free health insurance to all Ukrainians in Georgia; Bank of Georgia is ready to give the IDPs housing. According to the decisions made by Liberty Bank, Ukrainian citizens in Georgia will be exempt from paying commission fees, both when using international money transfers and withdrawing money from Ukrainian cards. Liberty Bank donated GEL 50 000, while its employees gathered additional GEL 42 000 – all the funds were transferred to the Red Cross Society. Moreover, the bank decided that the Ukrainian citizens in Georgia would be free of commission fees. 

Moreover, the banks provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine: the Bank of Georgia, along with its partners and the Red Cross, provided humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians, while Terrabank sent medicines and other necessities.

ARDI has announced that it is ready to provide health insurance to all Ukrainian citizens located in Georgia, either temporarily, for tourism purposes, or any other reason. Moreover, the company has announced job postings for Ukrainian developers temporarily situated in Georgia. 


“Wissol” has allocated GEL 120,000 to help the Ukrainian people. Moreover, the company has sent sleeping bags to people in shelters. Ukraine was also provided with financial assistance by the company “RMG”, which transferred 160,000 GEL to the charity account.

Company “Socar” will provide free services for fire brigades and ambulances in Ukraine. Company “Gulf” provides the delivery of humanitarian cargo collected in Georgia to Ukraine. “Rompetrol” employees donated blood to help Ukrainian citizens wounded in the war.


Representatives of the hospitality and entertainment sector have actively contributed to helping Ukrainian people in Georgia: restaurants “Chveni”, “Qvevri”, and “QooQy Bakery” will welcome the citizens of Ukraine free of charge. “Madart”, “Broplatz”, and “Bazari Orbeliani” provided Ukrainians in Georgia with food supplies, while “Dunkin Donuts” and “Wendy’s” provided them with meal vouchers.

Georgian hotels have shown great care towards the Ukrainian people, offering them to stay in Georgia free of charge. Hotels “Holiday Inn Tbilisi”, “Iveria Inn Tbilisi”, “Sairme Hotels & Resorts”, “Orbeliani Residence Hotel”, “Folk Boutique Hotel”, and “Hotel Tbilisi Central” have all expressed their solidarity this way.

Companies in the hospitality and entertainment industry chose to support Ukraine through financial means: “Luca Polare” allocated 10,000 GEL to help Ukrainian children, and club “Bassiani” entirely transferred the proceeds from March 4-5 events to the Ukrainian people. McDonald’s and Coca-Cola joined the “MTAVARI TV” charity marathon, and each of them transferred 15,000 GEL to the charity account.

FC Dinamo Tbilisi gathered and sent to Ukraine 200 packages of household items. 


“Archi” has allocated GEL 150,000 to help Ukraine; GEL 50,000 has been donated to the charity fund by “BK Construction” and “White Square”. “Anagi Group” has donated GEL 100,000 to the fund to support the Ukrainian people.

In addition to financial assistance, company “Modus” sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine, while “Alliance Group” provides housing for Ukrainians in Georgia.

Member companies of the Infrastructure Construction Companies’ Association donated GEL 83550 towards the Ukrainian people. The Association was in charge of the mobilization of resources and coordination of the purchase of humanitarian aid. Vehicles loaded with medicinal products, baby food, diapers and other priority products are already in Ukraine. The activity was supported by the Charte’s initiative The following companies participated in the charity event: “Dagi”, “Energoni”, “NCC”, “INSI”, „Steel House”, “All-P Group”, “Engineering Monitoring Group”, “Dika 2010”, “UG Invest”, “HydroDiagnostics”, “Prime Concrete”, GRC Atlas Corp Georgia”, “CIC Group”, “GTC Rent GTC”, “Domson’s Engineering”, “SafCo”, “Saga Elite Motors”, “Spechidromsheni”, „Auditescort”.


The representatives of the education sector support Ukraine and Ukrainians in various ways:

  • The University of Georgia helped Ukraine with 1 million GEL.
  • Georgian National University (SEU) offers Ukrainian tourists accommodation in their dorms and the necessary living conditions.
  • Kutaisi International University has exempted Ukrainian students from tuition fees.

Together with the Red Cross, Georgian Public Broadcasting runs a charity marathon in support of the Ukrainian people as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster, in which the Georgian Business Association is also actively contributing.

“Formula TV” has set up a charity fund to help the Ukrainian people, providing a donation of GEL 500,000. “Nanuka’s show” on “Mtavari Arkhi” collected over 800,000 GEL during the marathon called “Georgia for Ukraine”.


Representatives of telecommunications and IT have also provided assistance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people: “Silknet” and “Beeline” have made calls and messages to Ukraine free of charge. At the same time “Magti’s” IP television launched the Ukrainian news channel “Ukraine 24”, and added it to all packages without any extra cost.

Moreover, the companies decided to provide direct financial assistance: the auditing company “Nexia TA Georgia”, with the joint efforts of its employees, raised 10 thousand GEL for Ukraine, while “Majorel Georgia” decided to double the amount collected by its employees and transfer it to the Red Cross.

An interesting initiative was launched by IT company “UGT”, which is ready to provide various IT and consulting services and share professional knowledge with non-governmental organizations operating in Ukraine that require urgent technological support.


“Georgian Post” will receive and send humanitarian parcels to Ukraine free of charge from individuals.

According to the “Georgian Railway” decision, the citizens of Ukraine, who are currently in Georgia and are unable to return to their homeland due to the ongoing events, will be entitled to free train journeys throughout Georgia. Management Company GGM will help Georgia-based Ukrainian businesses that require assistance, free of charge. 

UGT, in partnership with the Red Cross Society, provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Moreover, the company is ready to provide various IT and consulting services to and share the knowledge with Ukrainian organizations. 


The fashion and clothing retail industry have decided to help the Ukrainian people financially as well as send humanitarian aid: Corporation ICR will transfer 2% of its revenue in March to a fund set up to help Ukraine. “Emocia”, a handmade jewellery manufacturer, will transfer 20% of the value of each item sold to a particular account opened by TBC Bank to help the Ukrainian people. “Paterson” will express its solidarity similarly, transferring the proceeds from bag sales to the charity funds created by TBC Bank.

“Reckless” has produced t-shirts with prints supporting Ukraine; 100% of the proceeds from the sale will be transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine. All customers will get a free sticker supporting Ukraine. 

The rest of the companies are providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people: “Gepherrini” will supply the country with shoes worth GEL12,000; “AlterSocks” will send its products to Ukraine, and “Spilow” will provide warm clothes, hats, and facemasks.


Most of the Georgian companies in the retail sector actively support the Ukrainian people and send their products alongside humanitarian aid to help them.

“Nikora” has transferred GEL 50,000 to a charity account to help the Ukrainian people, in addition to which 2% of the amount paid by its customers will be transferred to Ukraine. “Agrohub” handed 200 GEL vouchers to 200 Ukrainian families.

Retail Group Georgia donated GEL 100 000 to the Red Cross Society’s fund dedicated to Ukraine. 

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking will donate monetary and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people. Moreover, KTW Group is providing Ukrainian citizens with accommodation and employment. 

“Carrefour”, “Gorgia”, “Magniti”, and “Domino” are sending humanitarian aid and necessities to Ukraine.

“Nova”, “GPR Nuts”, “Berta”, “Campa”, “Kula”, “Cleantech”, “Rko”, “Kodala”, “Khilari”, “Lemo”, “Ginventor”, “Marani Casreli”, “Katie’s Art Studio”, “Senses”, “FRIXX”, “Fashion House Materia”, “Frutera”, “Geo Hospitals”, “LIEBE”, “Bessi”, “Anina”, “GeorgianMedi”, “Feso Chips”, “Ecowood”, “Shavdia”, “Invet Group”, ”, “Chikori”, “Manna”, “Kerki”, “Anabechdi”, “August Fruit Factory”, “ADwise”, “Cosmo”, “Kompava”, “ABM”, “DODOKA”, “Gepherrini”, “Nikolli”, “NUTSGE”, “Zedazeni”, “Hazelnut Corporation”, “Gusa”, “Harmosphere”, “Tene”, “Eco Georgia”, “Geonatural” and “Natural Hazelnut Kernels” have all donated humanitarian aid and allocated their products to be used by the Ukrainian people, some of which will be shipped to Ukraine. At the same time, the rest is intended for the Ukrainian citizens remaining in Georgia.

“Smart” branch located in Kutaisi International Airport provides food to IDPs from Ukraine who fly to Georgia embarking on Polish-Georgian flights.

Meama is helping the Red Cross Society with collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Anyone could make a request on the platform for – Meama’s delivery service will collect the gathered humanitarian packages upon demand. 

CARU will transfer 5 GEL from each order received to the fund set up to help Ukraine. “Chikatai” has created a new toy line; 30% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to a special fund of UNICEF, which will provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian children.


Companies in the transport and delivery industry also took part in the solidarity action in support of Ukraine: “Autobus” offers free transportation for Ukrainian citizens staying in Georgia to the desired hotel or accommodation. “Wolt” and “Bolt” will be helping them financially; the latter will transfer 5% of each order made in Europe to the NGOs aiding Ukraine.

“Wondernet Express Group”, an international logistics company, has sent GEL 1 million worth of medicines and first aid items to help the Ukrainian people. “Caucasus Auto Import” joined the initiative, too – the company’s staff collected more than a ton of long-lasting supplies and more than a hundred different types of medication sent directly to the Ukrainian people. 

“Tegeta” helped the Ukrainians financially: the war-affected citizens received GEL 120,000.


Member companies of the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association [GREDA] have transferred up to GEL 320,000 to various international charities to support Ukrainians. The members of the association include “Feri” Ltd, “Energo Aragvi” Ltd, Caucasus Clean Energy Holding (CCEH), JSC “Georgian Renewable Energy Company”, “Georgian Water and Power” (GWP), and “Deka” Ltd. Moreover, several members of the association sent additional humanitarian cargo to Ukraine. “Energo-Pro Georgia” also joined the charity events as employees donated their blood.


Associations and companies of various profiles also expressed their solidarity to support Ukraine: the association “Anika” will provide accommodation for the Ukrainians in wheelchairs; Georgian Business Association transferred 100,000 GEL to the account of the Georgian Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

In addition, “GEPRA” and “Collider” are ready to provide working spaces to Ukrainian citizens free of charge.


With the initiative of the United Airports of Georgia, businesses at Kutaisi Airport, “Georgian Bus”, “Omnibus”, “Smart”, “Dunkin”, “Meama Collect”, “Baskin Robbins”, “Med Diagnostics”, “Unique”, “Coffeesta”, when presented with a Ukrainian passport at the Davit Agmashenebeli International Airport, will provide the citizens with certain services free of charge until the end of March.

In these difficult times, Georgian business and the Georgian people stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and express their solidarity. Truth and love shall prevail over evil!

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