The Representative Office of FedEx in Georgia Will Construct a Cutting-edge Logistics Center

The Representative Office of FedEx in Georgia Will Construct a Cutting-edge Logistics Center

A financial agreement was signed between FedEx’s licensed representative office in Georgia and the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), through which a logistics center of international standards will be built in Georgia. Such a center did not exist in Georgia until now.

The logistics center, which will be cutting-edge, will be built near the Tbilisi international airport; it will span 10,000 square meters and will take 18 months to complete, creating up to 150 new jobs for locals.

For this pursuit, “Information Communication Systems,” the licensee of the international shipping enterprise FedEx in Georgia, took a loan of $4 million from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), which must be repaid within ten years. “Information Communication Systems” also mobilized its own investment capital for the construction.

“There is no analog of this project in Georgia. The logistics center will serve FedEx shipments, but its main and essential function is that the project will aim to provide logistics services to both small and large companies operating in Georgia. Consequently, companies will not have to purchase and manage their warehouses, allowing them to save a sizeable amount of funds. In cooperation with the companies, we will store their products, label them, and supply them daily. We are delighted that we will introduce this notion for the first time in Georgia”, says the executive director of “Information Communications Systems,” Nino Menteshashvili.

It is momentous that the new logistics center will also aid the development of e-commerce in Georgia, considering the new warehouse services will be connected to electronic platforms and the delivery of products will be achieved via the logistics center without the stores’ efforts.

“It was a lengthy and intricate process to receive funding from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC); however, it is noteworthy that “Information Communications Systems” received the highest rating in three out of four criteria – this is a consequence of the development of Georgia’s infrastructure, the contribution to the development of the industry – and the role of women charged with leading the company.

The demand for a unified, high-standard logistics center in Georgia is massive, and following the completion of the project, the company will begin to start taking care of its development,”  the company claims.

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