Most popular tourist sites in Adjara

In the first quarter of 2017, through the administrative borders, Adjara was visited by 583 340 tourists. 

According to the data provided by the Tourism Department of Adjara, Batumi Botanic Garden holds the first place among the tourist sites, visited by the biggest number of people – 33 891, which is 31% more than the numbers of the similar period of the previous year.

Over the period of January-June 2017, compared to the similar previous period of the last year, Botanic Garden was visited by 6% more visitors – 75 660.

The number of people, who visited Batumi Dolphinarium also increased. In June it was visited by 19 586 tourists. The data for June is 38% (5 342 persons) more than the number of visitors of the similar period of the last year. As to the data for 6 months, over the period January-June, the Dolphin Show and the Dolphinarium itself was visited by 31 778 tourists – 44% more.

In June, 19% more visitors visited the Apsaros Fortress in Gonio. In June 2017, 10 691 visitors got acquainted with the cultural heritage, placed within the museum-fortress. As to the data for 6 months, number of visitors exceeded the data for the similar period of the last year by 3% and made 19 881.

Number of visitors of Mtirala National Park, which is the most popular with international tourists among all national parks within the territory of Adjara, also increased. In June 2017, the park was visited by 6 283 tourists – 30% more than in June last year. The number for 6 months made 14 021 tourists, which is 63% more than the data for the similar period of 2016.

In Adjara, the biggest number of visitors used the aerial cableway. In June, the number of tourists, wishing to enjoy the city view from the top of the mountain, compared to the similar period of the last year, increased by 61% and made 37 211 persons. The 6-month data also increased. Over the period January-June 2017, Batumi aerial cableway was used by 86 373 visitors, which is 21% more than the data of 2016.

According to the data, provided by the National Agency of Public Registry, number of real estate registration transactions in June, compared to the data of the same month of the last year, increased by 40,6% and made 80 173 units over the whole country.

Compared to the previous month, number of registration transactions increased by 13,7%: the increase was recorded for both primary (22,9%) and secondary (10,2%) registration transactions.

Compared to the same month of the last year, number of primary real estate transactions increased by 109,2% and the number of secondary transactions – by 23,8%.

In June, number of primary registration transactions made 23 496, of which 17 563 represent the rights registration under the state project. Number of secondary registration transactions made 56 677, of which 9 925 represent registration of changes under the state project and 4 773 – registration of changes under the state project (cancellation of registration).

As to the real estate registration transactions by territorial units, the most intense activity was traditionally recorded in Tbilisi. In June, the biggest increase, compared to June last year, was recorded in Sachkhere and Terjola and compared to May – in Sachkhere and Zestafoni. 

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