SSA Marine will be the terminal operator and one of the investors of Anaklia Port

After The Conti Group, SSA Marine is the second major American company, which will be investing a significant amount in construction and development of Anaklia Port. The company will be handed over the right to operate the container terminal of Anaklia Port with the term of 20 years.

SSA Marine, one of the biggest operator in the world, operates over 250 strategic terminals on 5 continents and serves 27.7 mln containers (TEU) annually. SSA Marine introduces modern innovative technology standards of design, operating and project development, by which the company has already managed to significantly increase the speed and effectiveness of terminal operations in world.

Implementation of Anaklia Deep Sea Port Project started in 2016 and by now, the “Anaklia Development Consortium” has already developed the master plan and preliminary design of Anaklia Port; over 50 earth and sea ecological and engineering researches for various directions of construction works has been implemented. The work on development strategy of Anaklia Town and special economic zone has already started. It is planned to start construction works of Anaklia Port in the second half of 2017. The first phase of the port should become effective in 2020-2021.

The Anaklia Port will be constructed in several stages, it involves 9 phases and eventually, its capacity will reach 100 mln tons annually. The project will create thousands of jobs in Georgia. Opening of the first phase of the project and arrival of first ships is planned for 2020-2021.


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