Fuel Import Is Decreasing

During the first 9 month of the current year, import of petrol and diesel fuels to Georgia made 786,6 thousand tons, which is 54,3 tons or 6,9% less compared to the figures of the same period last year. According to information, provided by the Union of Oil Product Importers, by the results of three quarters of the year, import of petrol, compared to the previous year rates, has reduced by 12,7 thousand tons, i.e. 3,25% and made 390,5 thousand tons and the import of diesel fuel has reduced by 41,6 thousand tons, i.e. 10,5% to 396,1 thousand tons.

In the month of September, the import of oil products (petrol and diesel fuel) to Georgia made 109,5 thousand tons, which is 8,5 tons more than was imported in August. Among them, the imort of petrol fuel made 58,5 thousand tons (increase by 0,6 thousand tons), and the import of diesel fuel – 51,0 thousand tons (increase by 7,9 thousand tons).

By countries, in September the biggest volume of petrol and diesel fuel was imported from Russia – 30,5 thousand tons, which is 27,9% of total import.

Next countries to come are:

Romania – 23,3 thousand tons (21,3%)
Azerbaijan – 21,0 thousand tons (19,2%)
Bulgaria – 14,8 thousand tons (13,5%)
Turkmenistan – 14,0 thousand tons (12,8%)
Greece – 5,8 thousand tons (5,3%).


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