HARWARD to use Public Registry Blockchain project analysis in curricula

Georgia is one of the first countries, which has successfully used technological achievement of Blockchain in real estate registration. This fact has raised the interest of the leading Business School. Real estate registration transactions through integration into Blockchain has become safer, attainable worldwide and transparent.

The Harvard Business School representatives are preparing a document for introduction of Blockchain technology in real estate registration transactions. The document will contain the history of project introduction, appraisal of strong sides and risks, implementation conditions and other important issues. 

Harvard Business School will apply the case study of the ongoing Blockchain project in Georgia in the curricula. The Georgian experience will be discussed at various events of the Business School.

According to the Public registry representatives, “Inclusion of Georgia’s successful experience of Harvard Business School curricula will raise the interest of international academic and business circles, improve international image and foster popularization of the country”.

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