How much do tourists spend and for how long they stay in Georgia

In 2017, 7.9 mln non-resident travelers entered territory of Georgia, which is 17.7% more that similar rate of last year. Major part of these travelers – 44.7% - where people of 31-50 years of age. According to the survey conducted by SakStat, 63.8% of international visitors were only tourists. The share of only excursionists was 20.4%, while 5.8% of the visitors were both tourists and excursionists.

Majority of visitors – 46.1% - belongs to the 31-50 age group, which is followed by 15-30 age group (28%) and 51-70 age group (24%). Number of women made 37.7% of all visitors.

As to the purpose of visit, as it turned out, the purpose of visit of the majority of foreign travelers coming to Georgia is leisure, entertainment and recreation – this category takes 37.7% of total visitors. 22.2% of visitors came to see their friends and relatives. This category is followed by transit – people travelling to other countries via Georgia – 18.1%. 9.5% of visitors came to Georgia for shopping or purchasing of goods. 8.2% of total visitors came to Georgia for professional or economic activities. Treatment and health improvement – 2.7%. Majority of visits were made to Tbilisi and Adjara Autonomous Republic, 3.1 mln and 1.9 mln respectively.

Average number of nights spent during visits in 2017 was 4.3, which is 13% more than the rate registered in 2016 (3.8 nights). 75% of the visits were repeated visits.

Annual expenses incurred during visits in 2017 was equal to 5.8 mln GEL, which is 31.6% more than similar rate of the previous year. Average expenditure per visit grew by 9.4%, compared to the previous year and made 888.7 GEL.

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