The most demanded professions in Georgia

Social Service Agency, with the support of EU, for the first time conducted monitoring of vacancies. Results of the survey show that in Tbilisi, as well as in Regions, most demanded is unskilled and low-skilled labor. Almost in all the regions, on the lists of past, current and future vacancies the leading position in terms of quantity is held by un-skilled labor in construction and service sectors. The only difference with this regard is the scale – number of vacancies in Tbilisi is much higher than in all regions together.

For 58% of vacancies employers require basic education, for 25% - vocational education, for 9% - higher education and only in 8% of cases, education doesn’t matter.

According to the survey, when recruiting staff, employers set too high requirements with regard to both education and general skills. For instance, employer requires higher education and leadership/critical thinking skills in case of un-skilled labor. Moreover, specific skills, which create the basis for assessment of relevance of an applicant, in the majority of cases is undefined.

Demand for specialists with vocational education is quite high in each of the regions and the difference is mainly based on the specificity of the region. Among rare professions are positions requiring vocational education.

“It is notable that the problem of filling the vacancies is mainly preconditioned by two types of gaps. There are positions that can not be occupied due to lack or inexistence of applicants with corresponding education/profession (e.g., lack of chemists in Guria region). However, at the same time there are positions that can not be filled because of arduous working conditions offered by employers (low salary is the mail reason). The latter normally involves un-skilled and low-skilled positions, like hospital attendants, bartenders, unskilled labor, etc.,” – is said in the survey report, which also reads that although due to low remuneration employers have difficulties with filling certain positions, they are not planning to offer more and solve the problem by hiring employees with lower qualification or try to bring them from other regions.

In Tbilisi, in the last 6 months, of total vacancies announced (5674 vacancies), demand was highest for unskilled and low-skilled labor – shop assistants and show persons (1524), unskilled labor (880 vacancies), customer service personnel (448 vacancies), unskilled labor in trade sector (316), etc. Among the demanded staff are professions requiring special education – welders, smiths, tool dressers, secondary production operators, cooks, mechanical device technicians, electric and electronic equipment mechanics. For high-skilled positions, demand was high for managers and medical doctors.

38 of all surveyed organizations are planning to recruit 2129 new employees during the next 6 months. Analysis of the above vacancies shows that in future in Tbilisi demand will still be high for unskilled and low-skilled labor mainly in construction companies (487 vacancies of unskilled labor), retail chain trade (695 vacancies of shop assistants and show persons) and service sector (422 vacancies of staff working with customers).

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