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In Spain, working people have 22 official paid holidays annually, to which adds 14 day-offs. According to OECD, like in Spain, in France, there are 36 day-offs, of which 25 are official vacation days and 11 are paid day-offs. 

Unlike Europe, in countries of Asia, a number of official day-offs are smaller. For instance, in South Korea, only 25 days of vacation are paid, to which 15 day-offs are added.

The Georgian Labor Code envisages 17 day-offs, which include Easter, New Year, 3rd of March, 8th of March, etc., to which paid vacation days are added.

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Georgia ranking 102nd in the Global Peace Index

The income of insurance companies increase

Georgia ranking 102nd in the Global Peace Index

Georgia ranking 102nd in the Global Peace Index

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Где работают больше всех
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ტამანის პორტი მზად არის 220 000 ტონიანი სატვირთო გემების მისაღებად
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21 მილიარდერი და მათი პირველი მილიონი დოლარი
ახალი ამბები ქართულად | ივნ, 25, 2020
არა მხოლოდ ბანკი, არამედ პარტნიორი
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