Cargo turnover reducing in the Georgian corridor

In the first half of the year, 18 mln tons of cargo was transported by the transport sector through the Georgian corridor, which is 0,1 mln tons less than in the same period last year.

Within the accounting period, seaports and sea terminals handled 7,9 mln tons of cargo, which annually is a rate reduced by 0,4 mln tons.

The volume of containers handled in seaports increased and in the first half of the year made 215,057 thousand TEU.

The volume of handled cargo increased only in Supsa Terminal and made 2,2 mln tons. In Poti Port, the volume of handled cargo reduced down to 3,1 mln tons, in Batumi Port cargo handling reduced down to 1,9 mln tons, in Kulevi Sea Terminal – to 0,7 mln tons.

Within the accounting period, the Batumi Sea Port handled 43,530 TEU unit containers and Poti Port – 171,527 TEU units.

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