Georgia Capital becomes 100% owner of Kindzmarauli

Georgia Capital redeemed the remaining 39.5% of Kindzmaraulis Marani and became the 100% shareholder of the company.

Georgia Capital bought 60.5% share of Kindzmarauli in April, for which it paid 7.2 mln USD. The price for the remaining shares of the company is unknown. Kindzmaraulis Marani owns 350 ha of vineyards in Kakheti. With this purchase, the Group expects to strengthen its positions on the wine market.

Georgia Capital has already been represented in the wine business by Teliani Veli, owning 47.9% of the company.

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Where Hospitality Meets The Nature

Countries, with the fastest increasing demand for Georgian wine

Where Hospitality Meets The Nature

Where Hospitality Meets The Nature

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