“Georgia is on the right economic track”

After the face to face meeting of the Prime Minister of Georgia and the Chancellor of the German Federative Republic, the negotiations continued in an extended format, in which members of the government of two countries participated.

The main topics of the conversation were cooperation of Georgia and Germany in bilateral and multilateral formats, including in economic direction, the progress made by Georgia on the way to the European and Euro Atlantic integration and the country’s significant contribution to the provision of international safety.

“Georgia is on the right economic track,” -stated the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel today at the briefing held in the government office.

“The economic growth is evident. I am proud that I will have the honor to meet the students of Tbilisi State University. In this context, we have had a rich relationship between Georgia and Germany counting decades,” – states Merkel.

According to her, it is important that representatives of the economic teams of the two countries cooperate more closely, to strengthen the trade relationship between Georgia and Germany.

“Many German tourists visit Georgia. Representatives of German companies came to Georgia together with me. The Prime Minister also introduced to us the opportunities that exist in the field of education and we can do much for the development of dual education system in Georgia,” – says Merkel. She also stated that Germany supports Georgia and that is the purpose of her visit.

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Factors influencing performance of Georgian Railway


Factors influencing performance of Georgian Railway

Factors influencing performance of Georgian Railway

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