How is the Fuel Price Fluctuating in Georgia and around the World?

According to the September statistics of Global Petrol Prices, The average price of gasoline around the world is 1.16 U.S. Dollar per liter. As a general rule, the countries that produce and export oil have significantly lower prices. Venezuela has the lowest price per liter in the world with 0.01 USD per liter, followed by Iran with 0.29 USD per liter and then Sudan with 0.34 USD for a liter.  

The highest cost for gasoline in the world is recorded in Hong Kong with 2.19 USD per liter; followed by Iceland with 2.08 USD per liter and then Norway with 2.06 USD per liter.

In Georgia however, according to the portal data for September 10, on average, one liter of gasoline costs 0.93 USD (2.43 GEL). The country data is collected from the official government agencies as well as the private companies.

In Georgia, during the last three months, the average cost of gasoline per liter has increased by  9 Tetri (0.03 USD) and if in June the cost per liter was 0.9 USD, in July it went up to 0.92 USD and in August to 0.93 USD.

The largest volume of fuel in Georgia is imported from Russia (29% share according to the data in August), Romania (22.7%), Turkmenistan (15.9%), Bulgaria (13%), Azerbaijan (12.8%) and Greece (6.3%).

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Grabbing health by the horns

Countries which import the largest quantities of fuel to Georgia

Grabbing health by the horns

Grabbing health by the horns

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