Most Popular Cars in Georgia – TOP 10

In 2017 the car population of Georgia increased by 5.3%. 81,9% of the cars are light and light high-speed vehicles. The share of the passenger cars in Georgia is 4.3% while trucks make 8% of the share. The majority of the cars (91%) were made before 2008. According to the data by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only 1.2% of the vehicles are up to 3 years old.

In Georgia, the most popular car colours are Silver (30%) and white (16%).

The most common brands in Georgia are Mercedes Benz and Opel. 2017 saw a significant increase of Toyota brand in Georgia.

The most common car model is OPEL ASTRA and E class Mercedes, followed by C class Mercedes and OPEL VECTRA. Among light vehicles the majority is sedan type, however, in 2017 among the light vehicles hatchback type became more in demand.

Among the passenger cars as well as trucks FORD is the most common brand, 46% of the cars and 27.6% of the trucks.

In 2017 among the vehicles up to 3 years old highest in demand were Toyota (1964), followed by MERCEDES-BENZ (301), FORD (276), HYUNDAI (275), SKODA (271) etc.

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