Regions in Georgia with Highest Number of Construction Activities

The number of construction permits issued in Georgia decreased. In particular, according to GeoStat data, in Georgia during the period of January-September 2018, 7702 permits have been issued, 
which compared to the same period previous year marks a 4.6% decrease. 
Among the issued permits, a large portion is multi-functional residential complex. 
More than half (56.1%) of the completed constructions is distributed in three regions, namely: 28.9% in Tbilisi, 15.5% in Kakheti region and 11.6% in the Kvemo Kartli region.

Amount of issued permits based on the regions:

During the reporting period, most permits were issued in Tbilisi – 3699. The majority of the permits (2855) were for residential buildings. Followed by industrial and warehouse buildings – 137 and shopping units – 137. During this period 17 permits were issued for building hotels in Tbilisi.

Based on the number of permits issued, Adjara is in second place with 1014 permits. Here too, the majority of the permits are issued for residential buildings (745), followed by shopping units (95) and hotels (92).

In third place is Kvemo Kartli with 831 permits. In this region, the biggest interest is in residential buildings (566 permits), followed by shopping units (76) and buildings of agricultural purposes (54).

The least amount of construction activities are recorded in Racha Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, where during the period of January-September, only 27 construction permits have been issued. Similarly, construction activities are also low in Guria with 118 permits.

Completed constructions as by regions:

Throughout the first 9 months of this year, 1830 construction projects were completed across Georgia. Vast amount (911) of which were residential buildings, followed by shopping units (264), in third place is industrial and warehouse buildings (126),  in fourth place is buildings for agricultural purposes (116), in fifth place is hotels (51).

During January – September, the highest amount of hotels were opened in Adjara. Namely, 12 new hotels have been opened in the region, which holds 30566 square meters . 4 hotel constructions were completed in Tbilisi, 11 in Guria, and 7 in Samtskhe Javakheti. 

During the reporting period, the highest amount of constructions projects were completed in Tbilisi – namely 527. Among these, the majority (433) were residential buildings, 21 industrial and warehouse buildings, and 22 shopping units. 

Based on completed construction projects, in third place is Kakheti, where 286 construction works were completed. In Kakheti, the large share of the construction work was for shopping units, 77 such buildings were completed in the region.

In third place, with 213 completed construction projects is Kvemo Kartli. During the first nine months of this year, 115 residential buildings and 33 shopping units were completed.

In Adjara, which holds second place after Tbilisi on the number of permits issued, 81 constructions were completed during the reporting period.

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