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Like every human, large international corporations also have a past, present and future, its own universe, values and ideology. These are probably what the company is proud of, what it nurtures and strives to improve.

JAPAN TOBACCO INTERNATIONAL – or simply JTI – is a huge international tobacco corporation and the global owner of world-renowned brands such as Sobranie, Winston, Camel, Magna and Winchester. JTI is also a cozy home for 40, 000 employees from 77 countries who share the company’s values and do their best to bring the business to a higher level, and by building a successful future.

“Why is JTI my friend? Because JTI is libertarian, stands for the freedom of each individual and gives a choice to everybody to live life in their own way. JTI is supportive, helping me every single day to get closer and closer to my goals. JTI gave me the confidence and taught me that I can make something great happen. JTI is responsible and I feel safe with it. It is also fun, and I am enjoying life with it. JTI is also a deeply interesting person!” says Anano Salia, who worked as a trainee for two years and now is a successful financial analyst.

Lately, Millennials came up with an alternate, more modern name for JTI, referring to it as “Join the Idea”. The company continually seeks talented individuals. The search and recruitment process is based on modern and transparent methods. Jobs.jti.com, the company’s high-tech career platform, offers new opportunities to talented youths and professionals. Recruitment at JTI requires great responsibility because it is the employee who is the cornerstone of the company’s success. Employees are the ones leading JTI in the right direction towards development, where opinions and ideas of the employee are of crucial importance to the company. Here, everybody knows that there is no goal that cannot be achieved and no idea that cannot be brought to life for the welfare of the employees and the company.

To identify talented young people, along with other interesting projects, JTI conducts the Scholarship Competition Program at various universities and covers the tuition fee of the best students. Another successful project is the Traineeship Program at JTI, which allows students to work on real and very interesting projects for the company. The figures show the success of both programs – 80% of JTI Scholars and 70% of JTI Trainees become JTI employees.

“That’s my Georgian Google with an enviable environment, opportunities and culture that gives me the ability to expand my knowledge and experience every day. That’s the job I was searching for since my childhood,” says Teko Gochashvili, who moved from her jobs as office coordinator to the product manager position in only a few years.

JTI hires for attitude and trains for skills.

If you become a part of the JTI team, you will be amazed by the company’s compensation and benefits, based on internal equity and strong external competitiveness.

In addition to health insurance for employees, their family members and relatives and the annual bonus system that JTI offers, there is also a Special Achievement Award for implementing an original or largescale project. If you are a hard-worker, good at managing your team, utilizing your potential and ready to do more for the company, you will receive the Extra Mile Award.

If you are a millennial, you will appreciate work-life balance at JTI. The flexible work schedule, everyone’s favorite Flexi Hours, will allow you to select the most convenient time to work. Modern technology and the company’s culture make it possible to telecommute – work from anywhere - two days a month. Summer is a special season of the year, and JTI lets you spend time with your family from Friday at noon.

“What is MY JTI about? It is empathic to diversity, open to my opinion, and encourages my transformation. Is it perfect? Probably not, but I am proud to feel that I can make it the best place to work!” says Valeria Kadjaia, Trade Channels Strategy Manager in Caucasus.

“Better together” is a phrase that describes the company’s aspiration for success, and its talents’ marathon. For JTI, talent is the most important phenomenon. This simple word encompasses talented, hardworking, prospective individuals, and JTI makes large unconditional investments in their development.

“At JTI, I feel like I am part of something really special. And being part of something special makes you special, does it not? Here at JTI, each and every employee is appreciated. And it’s good to know that you are working at a good company. I feel very fortunate to work alongside some of the smartest and most creative people; to be challenged and obviously learn new things every day, which gives me great optimism,” says Gaga Rukhadze, Budget Analyst in Caucasus.

The adventure for new employees starts on the very first day. My Talent Journey is a concept JTI uses for talent development. What is the journey at JTI all about? First of all, your goals are defined and your potential is evaluated. Modern evaluation methods and tools identify the learning and development areas for efficient job performance on your current or new, higher position. Each employee’s career is planned, visible and transparent, thus everything depends on the employee’s desire and effort.

It is probably hard to find a company that has its own academy for talent development. JTI’s Local Career Path (LCP) Academy offers a one-year training and learning course, preparing high potential employees for future managerial positions. The course includes leadership, interpersonal and management skills, as well as a course on the art of persuasion. Individual and group exercises are conducted under the supervision of experienced mentors. The academy students obtain new, outof- the-box vision and ideas, which are beneficial to the company in the long run. Being an LCP academy student is very prestigious since it helps you envision company business from a completely different prospective. 80% of LCP academy students get a promotion within just one year after graduation.

JTI grows and develops exactly in line with the development of the JTI employee. Investing in people is the most important strategic decision of the company. Yet another interesting project is Manager as Developer, where managers learn how to lead and develop the team, as well as the arts of motivation and feedback, coaching and career planning. As a result, the company receives an empathic manager, who enhances the team spirit through development and goal-oriented constructive feedback.

This is the path of talent development in the company. What happens when a successful employee takes the top manager’s position? In this case, the company sends the top managers to Harvard, Ashridge, London Business Schools and other leading universities, where they are mentored by the world’s most prominent professors.

“What kind of company is JTI? JTI is the place where everyone gets the same chance. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from. For me it is a high level of humanity that stands above all and this is what the rest of the world is lacking very much. This is the environment that evokes sincere dedication to the company and drives to irreversible growth and success. That’s why I am proud to be part of JTI and that’s why I have been here for many years. I love JTI and consider it as “My Company,” explains Tamta Nanishvili, who worked at JTI’s Georgian office and recently moved to the company’s head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Live Fit is another interesting project, which includes the promotion of healthy lifestyles, as well as professional consultations at the employee’s requests (child care, first-aid, allergy prevention, healthy food and many other interesting masterclasses). On top of that, free passes at swimming pools and fitness centers are provided to the employees to make their lives comfortable.

Over the last five years, JTI has been awarded with theTop Employer status in Georgia, Europe, Asia and globally for offering the best conditions to their employees. What is the Top Employer Award? This is very prestigious award given by theTop Employer institute which conducts an annual survey to reveal the best employers worldwide, analyzing the highest standards of working conditions, development and benefit offerings. For 2019, again JTI is among the selected Top Employers: in December, JTI became the Top Employer 2019 in Georgia and Asia, waiting for the upcoming certification for Europe and Global in February 2019.

“Being a hero in JTI doesn’t mean that you must possess supernatural or extra ordinary powers. If you go the extra mile, you will be treated as a vital link in the chain. Go to the goal, work, make a mistake, learn and develop,” noted Khatuna Gorgiladze, Budget Analysts at JTI.

Article in Georgian Language.

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