Georgia’s Largest Employer Companies in Business Sector

In 2017, the number of people employed in the business sector reached 702.2 thousand, which compared to the previous year marks a 6.2% increase. According to the official data by the Statistics Office, 39.8% of those employed are women and 60.2% are men.

In IV quarter of 2017, Georgia's 10 biggest employer companies in the business sector are the following:

JSC Gepha

Activities: retail trade in pharmaceutical goods in specialized stores

Number of Employees: More than 3750


Activity: Electricity Distribution

Number of employers: up to 6000

Nikora Trade

Activities: retail trade in non-specialized stores, mostly food products, drinks or tobacco products

Number of Employees: 2852 (2017) 4561 (August 2018)

Medical Corporation Evex

Activities: Hospitals Activities

Number of Employees: More than 3100 (Evex is a member of the Georgian Health Care Group, which totals 15 151 persons (2018, III quarter)

Georgian railway

Activities: Railway freight transport

Number of Employees: - 12 356 (III quarter of 2017)

Georgian Manganese

Activities: Production of cast iron, steel, and Ferroalloys

Number of employers: up to 6000


Activities: Water accumulation, processing, and distribution

Number of Employees: More than 3000

The top ten includes Geo Hospitals, which operates in the health care sector. And two other state companies - Tbilisi Transport Company and Tbilservice Group.

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