Budgetary Organisations That Spend Most Money on Additional Wages

31 spending agencies (of the state budget) spent 0-10% of the remuneration on additional wages, 9 agencies spent 10-20%, and 1 agency spent 20-50%.

Throughout the 9 months of 2018, these entities spent one billion GEL on remuneration, from this, only 717.3 million GEL went toward fixed salaries for specific positions. 

According to the monitoring report by the auditors, bonus payments equated to 1% of the total remunerations, whereas additional amounted 14% of the total remuneration of the agency, that is, 141.7 million GEL.

During the reporting period, budgetary organizations spent 156.9 million GEL on the remuneration of the workers that weren't on the payroll and 16.3 million GEL on business trips. 

In terms of additional wages, among the 41 entities studied, 31 agencies spent 0-10% of the remuneration on additional wages, 9 agencies spent 10-20%, and 1 agency spent 20-50%. This entity is the constitutional court, which, throughout the 9 months of 2018, spent 23.6% of the remunerations i.e. 448,989 GEL on reimbursing extra workforce. The cost of remunerations for the entity exceeded 1.9 million GEL during the reporting period.

With regard to agencies that spend less than 10% of its remuneration on the adjunct, the largest amount in value was spent by the Emergency Management Agency – which amounted to 9.9% of the remunerations i.e. 3.1 million GEL.

2.3 million GEL was spent on the adjunct within the Ministry of Finance, which is 7.4% (31.6 million GEL) of the remuneration. Over one million GEL was spent by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, i.e. 1 148 124 GEL, which is 3.4% of the total remunerations.

The Ministry of Economy spent 9.7% of its remunerations on additional wages (928 692 GEL) and the Central Election Commission spent 8.2% (908 113 GEL).

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