Georgia has Risen on List of Best Countries for Business

The European Chamber (EuCham) annually publishes a list of the best countries for business. The research of the World Bank’s index of business makers and international transparency for the perception of corruption were used to identity the best countries that will attract investment. 

Denmark is in the top position with a rating of 86 points out of 100. Norway and Sweden are the following countries in the lead on the list.

Georgia holds the 16th position with a total of 71 points. For 2019, Georgia’s rating has increased by 2 points.

In total, the ranking evaluates 46 countries. Among the countries of the region, Georgia has the highest score. For the sake of comparison, Turkey holds the 34th position, Armenia holds the 39th position, whereas Kazakhstan is number 40, Russia is 42 and Azerbaijan is number 44. Ukraine holds the very last position on the list.

Also, Georgia was listed among the countries whose position in comparison to last year has significantly improved.

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