Top 10 Largest Georgian Production Companies that Export

According to preliminary data from GeoStat, exports from Georgia in 2018 reached 3,362.1 million USD, marking a 22.9% annual increase.

During the same period exports without re-export reached 2,297.1 million USD, which is 11 percent higher than the same period of the previous year.

Exports from Georgia to EU countries reached 730.3 million USD, 11.5 percent higher when compared to the previous year and amounting to 21.7 percent share of overall exports. As for CIS countries, exports to these countries reached 1,677.1 million USD, which is 41.6 percent higher than the previous year and amount to 49.9 percent share of overall exports.

In 2018, the top 3 largest export countries were as follows:  Azerbaijan (502.7 million USD), Russia (437.3 million USD) and Armenia (284.9 million USD).

Among the top ten commodity groups exported from Georgia, first place was copper ores and concentrates, with 504.1 million USD and amounting to 15 percent of the whole market share. In second place were light vehicles with 405.9 million USD (12.2 percent of the market share), and in third place were ferroalloys at 352.6 million USD (10.5 percent).  

Georgia’s top ten  largest export companies are as follows:

IDS Borjomi

Activity: production of Borjomi mineral water

Revenues and export markets: In 2017 the company sold 108 million GEL worth of products, which was an annual increase of 21 million GEL. The company sells its products both on the national and international markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan and others. In 2017, the company’s largest share of the product was distributed to the Russian market – at 45 million USD, followed by Belarus at 6 million GEL, and Kazakhstan at 4.7 million USD.

JSC RMG Copper

Activities: Manufacturing of non-ferrous metals

RMG Gold Ltd.

Revenues and export markets: in 2017, the company made 74.2 million GEL profit, which marked an annual decrease of 18.9 million GEL. The company’s losses came to 16 million GEL. By 2025 the company is planning to extract 8.9 million tons of ore, within which there is estimated to be 178 thousand ounces of gold and copper composition will come to 28 thousand tons.

Georgian Magnesium

Activity: Magnesium extraction; Mining, recycling of minerals; ferroalloy materials and stainless steel production.

Toyota Caucasus and Central Asia

Activities: Car sales

Revenues and profits: in 2017 the company Toyota Caucasus made 7.5 million GEL in profits. The parent company of Toyota Caucasus is Toyota Tsusho corporation, which owns 100% of the shares. The company’s main business activities are buying parts and spare parts from Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Toyota Motor Europe to then sell to authorized dealers in the Caucasus. The largest share of the company's returns comes from car sales : 139 million GEL and 6.5 million GEL for the sale of automobile parts.

Rustavi Azot

Activities: Production of nitrogen, chemical products, and raw materials

JTI Caucasus

The company has been in operation since 2011. The 100% shareholder of the company is a company registered in the Netherlands: JT international Holding B.V., which is ultimately controlled by the Japanese mother company Japan Tobacco Inc. JTI Caucasus Ltd. is active on the Georgian and Azerbaijani market. The company supplies a local distributor in Azerbaijan with tobacco. The company sells the following tobacco brands in Azerbaijan: Eldi, Winston, Sobranie, Camel, Morry.

Profits: 27.1 million GEL (2017).

BAT UK and Export Ltd  - The Georgian Branch

Nika Pharm Ltd.

Activity: Medicine production, Georgian branch of Kazakh Company

Caucasian Metals Terminal Ltd.

Activity: Caucasian Metals Terminal Ltd. was established in March 2013.  Their terminal area includes 18000 sq. M. Meter, closed and open warehouses with a capacity of 400,000 tons per year. The terminal carries out bulk, general, and container cargo processing. 

These companies are listed in no particular order; at the moment the majority of the companies have not yet published their 2018  financial reports.

Three new companies have made it onto the list of the largest exporters of Georgia in 2018: Nick pharm, Beite Yuki and Export Limit and JTI Caucasus, which replaced the following companies in the top ten: Adjara Textile, Pharma Logistics, and GeoProProM.

With regard to Largest exporting Georgian product companies (minus re-export) the list is as follows: 

Kakhetian Traditional Wine Making

Activities: Producing and selling wine

IDS Borjomi Georgia

Activities: Borjomi mineral water production and sales

RMG Copper

Activities: Manufacturing of non-ferrous metals

RMG Gold

Activities: Precious metals and stones

Georgian Magnesium 

Activity: Magnesium extraction; Mining, recycling of minerals; ferroalloy materials and stainless steel production

Adjara Textile

Activities: Sewing Factories and Atheals[u1] 

Bolero & Company Ltd.

Activities: Alcoholic beverage production

Georgian Branch of Joint Venture "Azphen"

Activities: Azerbaijani Company in Georgia

Activities: Construction

Rustavi Azot

Activities: Production of nitrogen, chemical products, and raw materials

"Caucasian Metals Terminal"

LLC "Caucasian Metals Terminal"

Activities: Cargo transportation and storage services.

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