Georgias energy partner countries - where we buy and sell electricity

In 2018, electricity imports exceeded export 2.6 times. Imports of electricity in the reported year equaled to 1,509 million kWh, which is significantly higher than that of in previous year's index (> 1%) and 3 times more than that of in 2016. As for exports, in 2018 Georgia exported 589 million kWh electricity, which is 14.2% less than that of in previous year.

As per the annual report of the Regulatory Commission, 82% of electricity import was from Azerbaijan, 14% from Russia, 3% from Turkey and 1% from Armenia.

The biggest portion of electricity export (66%) was to Turkey, followed by Russia - 16%, Armenia - 14% and 4% to Azerbaijan. It is noteworthy that a significant portion of the electricity import in the previous years (77% in 2016 and 73% in 2015) was from Russia, followed by Azerbaijan with 17-22% of total imports. As to the export of electricity, both in 2018 and in previous years, the biggest receiver of Georgian electricity was Turkey.

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