Business Association of Georgia: We are ready to do everything possible to mitigate the negative impact on the economy

Business Association of Georgia (BAG), which has a membership of 70 leading Georgian companies, responds to recent events in Georgia. The association statement says that its member companies are ready to work with the government and other stakeholders to develop an effective action plan, through which the country can overcome short-term problems.

"The members of BAG fully share the sincere and fair protest of the Georgian society erupted after a visiting Russian Federation Duma representative addressed a meeting in Parliament of Georgia from Speaker`s chair.

At the same time, all members of the association, as well as all compatriots of our country, are concerned about the tragic events that occurred on Rustaveli Avenue on the evening of June 20.

In the context of the events in Tbilisi, the decision of the Russian Federation regarding flight suspension from Russia to Georgia and creation of various artificial barriers for Russian tourists -seems incompatible with reality. We also do not exclude temporary restrictions on export of Georgian products to Russia, including certain actions against Georgian wine. These kinds of steps will create additional problems in humanitarian and economic relations between the countries and will be mutually damageable for ordinary citizens.

Georgia and Georgian people have always been distinguished by tolerance and hospitality and have always welcomed the citizens of the Russian Federation or any other country who respect our country and the Georgian people.

It is clear that Russian tourists are not in danger when visiting Georgia and we are confident that the ongoing processes will be peaceful and tourist streams will continue from Russian Federation.

In addition, the members of BAG recognize the short-term economic difficulties that may be triggered by these actions of the Russian Federation's authorities. Therefore, we are ready to take all necessary steps to mitigate the negative effect of these actions on the Georgian economy and business.

BAG expresses readiness to develop an effective action plan with close communication with the Georgian government and all other stakeholders, which will allow our country will overcome these short-term problems."

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G&T - GEL is expected to reach the exchange rate 2.6 to USD from 2020

Statement of the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia regarding the recent developments in the country

G&T - GEL is expected to reach the exchange rate 2.6 to USD from 2020

G&T - GEL is expected to reach the exchange rate 2.6 to USD from 2020

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