Twitter Cofounder Jack Dorsey Has More Than Tripled His Net Worth Since Trump Became President

In the three years since Donald Trump became president of the United States, the net worth of Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey has soared nearly 240%, more than almost any billionaire in the country.

He now sits atop a $4.4 billion fortune, more than triple the $1.3 billion he had at the start of Trump’s presidency.

Twitter’s stock has climbed 105%, boosting Dorsey’s stake in the company from $275 million to $610 million. A bigger share of his wealth comes from Dorsey’s other business, payments firm Square.

The Twitter chief executive also serves as CEO of Square, in which he held a bigger, $1 billion stake at the time of Trump’s inauguration. Square shares have surged nearly 370% since then, compared to a 45% increase in the overall stock market. Dorsey’s Square stake is now worth $3.6 billion, enough to compose 80% of the tech tycoon’s fortune. 

Source: Forbes

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