Boeing scores no January orders for first time since 1962

Boeing posted a slow start to 2020, recording zero orders for new airplanes in the month of January. Company scores no orders for first time since 1962. The lack of orders last month stands in contrast to its competitor Airbus, which logged orders for 274 commercial airplanes in January. January is the latest month without orders after the grounding of the 737 Max in March 2019.

Boeing recorded a negative order rate in 2019 - for the first time in decades - as customers canceled or converted orders. In January, Boeing did not have any order cancellations.

Meanwhile, the company delivered 13 new airplanes in January: six 787 Dreamliners, a pair of 777s, two 767s and three 737NGs. With the company’s beleaguered 737 Max still grounded, Boeing did not deliver any Max models in January.

Source: CNBC

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