Forbes Georgia in English - Issue #17

We are happy to introduce 17th English issue of the Forbes Georgia.

Cover Story: GEOLN.COM in Georgia Leading expert of Georgian real estate - Diana Kabakci. by ELENE CHOMAKHIDZE; Photos: VALENTINA USTIMENKO;

Read also:

➙ The Fastest Growing and Declining Retail Brands in 2020 By KATIE JONES;

➙ Zoom is Now Worth More Than the World’s 7 Biggest Airlines by Iman Ghosh

➙ Making Billions: The Richest People in the World by Dorothy Neufeld

➙ Mapped: The World’s Ultra-Rich, by Country by Dorothy Neufeld;  

➙ Visualizing the Countries Most Reliant on Tourism by Dorothy Neufeld

➙ Georgia – Gateway to Caucasus and Centra Asia Regions- Time to Act by Keti Bochorishvili;  

➙ Georgia Needs a Post-Pandemic Grand Strategy by Batu Kutelia;  

➙ Georgia and COVID-19: Strong Foundations for a Diversified and Inclusive Recovery by Shane Rosenthal

➙ Meet Forbes 30 Under 30 members in Entertainment; Technologies; Entrepreneurs; Finances; 

➙ The Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis and Support from the EU Bank by Maciej Czura;   

➙ Times of Change by Elene Kvanchilashvili;  

➙ Contributions and Challenges of Today’s Crisis by Anita Kartvelishvili;  

➙ Zoom Kaboom by Alex Konrad;  

➙ Dollarization in Georgia by Koba Gvenetadze;  

➙ Global Tourism to Suffer Crushing Blow in 2020 by Felix Richter;  

➙ A New Chapter by Elene Kvanchilashvili;  

➙ Interview with Dejan Štancer, Chairman of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) by Anita Muskeria;   

…and many more.   

ჩვენ გირჩევთ

Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion

Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion

Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion

Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion

წინა სტატია

Sydney could soon be home to a giant ‘hybrid timber’ building
26 June, 2020

შემდეგი სტატია

ტრამპი ბიზნესმენებისთვის საუკეთესო კანდიდატი აღარაა
26 June, 2020
უნიკალური პროექტი გუდაურის სამთო-სათხილამურო კურორტზე - “მაუნთინ რეზორტს სოლუშანსის“ წარმატების ისტორია
ინტერვიუ | Jan, 08, 2021
2021 წლის ყველაზე ძლიერი პასპორტები მსოფლიოში - რომელ ადგილზეა საქართველო?
ახალი ამბები ქართულად | Jan, 14, 2021
A New Trend in the Development Sector
კომპანიები | Dec, 25, 2020
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