JSC “Rustavi Azot” statement on the ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut

A number of media outlets have disseminated information that the exploded ammonium nitrate in Lebanon capital was allegedly exported from Georgia, specifically from Rustavi city back in 2013. JSC “Rustavi Azot”, operates the chemical production plant in Rustavi only for 3 years, therefore we are unable to confirm whether the ammonium nitrate that exploded in Beirut was produced in Georgia and namely in Rustavi city.

JSC “Rustavi Azot” is the country’s one of the largest exporter companies and produces up to 1% of the world’s total ammonium nitrate consumption. The company produces, stores and exports its products having all required licenses and permissions and in compliance with all applicable national and international standards.

As reported by the media, the ammonium nitrate was stored in Beirut since 2013, which is a gross violation of safe storage measures, considering that ammonium nitrate loses its useful properties in 6 months period.   

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