Alliance for Batumi - Connection With the Whole World

Alliance for Batumi - Connection With the Whole World

 “We should turn Batumi into a business development center”, – this is how the head of business development of “Alliance Group”, Temur Bitsadze, describes the goal of one of the large-scale projects of the development company, which is called “Alliance Centropolis”.  The alliance of professionals decided to start international business processes on the coast of Adjara and make the city the epicenter of MICE tourism.

The idea of ​​creating “Alliance Centropolis” was born even before the pandemic. The investment project worth 380 million dollars is located on the coast of Batumi, 50 meters from the sea. Why Batumi? The “Alliance” team believes that Batumi has the greatest potential to attract a large flow of tourists in all four seasons of the year. Business tourism (MICE) is the direction that can bring significant local and regional benefits to Batumi and mark it on the world map. These processes needed to be started, and thus the “Alliance Centropolis” project was created, the whole concept of which is built on this goal.

The project is divided into three blocks and includes the first World Trade Center in the region – an exhibition center, high-class investment apartments, a 5-star international hotel Hyatt Centric Boulevard Batumi, a casino and a class A business and shopping center – that is, everything that business people need and what It is necessary to establish Batumi as a regional hub of MICE tourism.

Alliance” CBDO believes that the “World Trade Center” and its first exhibition space will play a special role in this.

“When such an association enters the country, it should be expected that, thanks to its contacts, it will easily attract international conferences, exhibitions, and meetings,” says Temur Bitsadze, speaking about the World Trade Center, which is the world’s largest trade association. It is represented in more than 100 countries. It unites more than 300 organizations, which will put Batumi next to the investment-attractive cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Sydney.

The “Alliance” team expects that the representation and exhibition space of the World Trade Center will become a kind of intermediary for businesses in the global market, allowing any manufacturer to present their products and communicate with interested people from different countries of the world at the large-scale events of the World Trade Center. It should be noted that in this space, in addition to sharing their business competence and experience, they will also be given the opportunity to promote their created product and establish new business connections.

Attracting the world business community to a country of 3.5 million people is not easy. As they say in the Alliance group, they have also weighed the risks associated with it. According to the head of business development of the company, “Alliance” intends to use the potential and opportunities of Georgia’s strategic location. In order to attract foreign business people, conferences, and exhibitions, it is planned to form a special team in the company, which will just take care of this direction.

Our team will establish a relationship with them so that their offices can be located in our business center, which will be approximately 10,000 sq.m., under favorable conditions. All such companies will definitely want to have one office in the “World Trade Center”, which will help this project achieve its goal,“ says Temur Bitsadze while talking to Forbes Georgia and adds that there is already a lot of interest from people who have business ties with foreign countries and want to become part of such a large-scale, multi-functional project.

It was revealed that the interest in premium class apartments is also higher than expected. Demand for residential and investment real estate around the world has increased significantly, including in Batumi, where May statistics of new-build apartment transactions showed an 84% increase in premium apartments. These results are directly proportional to the sales of “Alliance Centropolis”. In particular, the first, 45-storey block of the new project is almost completely sold, and sales of the second block have just started.

“Alliance Centropolis” with all its components will be opened by 2026.  However, 50 meters from the sea, “Newton’s Cradle” has already been established, which means that the processes of turning Batumi into a MICE tourism center have started. After all, Newton’s cradle is a symbol of continuous movement, development and progress, starting with one action. The energy of one ball is transferred to another – it charges and helps to start its movement. Any component of the project works with this exact mechanism.

Expectations have already been created that due to Georgia’s key location, Representatives of many large international organizations, as well as brokerage, insurance, logistics and transport companies, will start operating in Georgia.- This process is inevitable, – says Temur Bitsadze, head of business development of “Alliance Group”.

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