ALTA Blockchain Laboratory Expands Scope to Foster Innovation in Blockchain Across Industries

ALTA Blockchain Laboratory Expands Scope to Foster Innovation in Blockchain Across Industries

ALTA is a laboratory for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) mass adoption and an accelerator of blockchain projects. Since 2015, the Lab has been focused on supporting startups and enterprises and provides tailored solutions to help them succeed in the sector.

The total number of cryptocurrencies in the world has soared to more than 20,200 in circulation, based on CoinMarketCap data in 2022, Sourced by

The growth in the number of crypto projects on the market highlights the urgent need for support services that can foster sustainable development and scaling. As the crypto industry becomes increasingly competitive, comprehensive support services such as legal and regulatory compliance support and marketing expertise are becoming essential for success. The demand for these services is expected to grow even stronger as the market continues to evolve, and investors and entrepreneurs who can meet these needs are likely to be best positioned for success.

With its network of industry experts, advisors, and mentors, ALTA helps funds identify and vet potential investment opportunities in the blockchain space. The program also offers resources and support to help startups refine their business models and prepare for fundraising, making them more attractive to investors looking for promising early-stage companies.

Indeed, after market analysis, a significant number of projects fail the decentralization test, and even among those that do, the vast majority fail the crypto-asset test. Of those that remain, only about half were able to pass the business model test or require significant adjustment to create sustainable value. While blockchain technology is certainly evolving, it is important to weed out flawed ideas and develop projects that offer real value.

The laboratory provides selected startups with a range of services, including mentorship, due diligence, effective marketing, outreach strategies, and connections to funds, investors, and launchpads, to help them scale their blockchain-based solutions and drive mass adoption of DLT technology. Through ALTA’s scaling and localization efforts, projects can gain visibility and increase their chances of climbing the top 100 rankings on CoinMarketCap or achieving global recognition.

The legal aspect of blockchain and crypto-related projects is crucial when dealing with large corporations or funds. ALTA, as a consulting firm, assists global exchanges in localization and scaling their coverage by interacting with key authorities. Due to the constantly changing regulatory landscape, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements and potential risks to ensure the success and compliance of any project in the blockchain and crypto industry.

ALTA utilizes a comprehensive and integrated marketing approach to enable startups and enterprises to attain their reach goals within the dynamic and rapidly changing crypto industry. Leveraging our vast global network, we provide valuable assistance in crafting effective worldwide outreach strategies that are attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of the blockchain industry, thereby ensuring maximum exposure and visibility for our clients’ projects. We employ targeted messaging and astute branding to efficaciously convey the value proposition of our clients’ offerings to the market.

With such a vast experience in building global projects, you will undoubtedly find all the answers in ALTA. Consider all the different options that can take your project from the starting point to become a leader in the industry.

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