Automechanika Istanbul 2023 Will Focus on Innovations in the Automotive Industry With the Special Section “Innovation4mobility by Bakirci”

Automechanika Istanbul 2023 Will Focus on Innovations in the Automotive Industry With the Special Section “Innovation4mobility by Bakirci”

Automechanika Istanbul, the number 1 trade fair of the automotive aftermarket industry in the region, will take place between 8-11 June 2023 including the concept of “Innovation4Mobility by BAKIRCI” special area at the trade fair, developed by BAKIRCI Group which has been producing innovative solutions with its smart service architecture since 1987. At Automechanika Istanbul 2023, the participants will have the opportunity to experience how electric vehicle repairs are made with state-of-the-art automobiles and service equipment in the concept area consisting of 8 sections to be created by BAKIRCI Group.

Automechanika Istanbul, which is traditionally the most important meeting of the industry, aims to set a new record by reaching over 1,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors this year. The show will bring industry professionals together with the latest technologies in the world of mobility and automotive in the special area of “Innovation4Mobility by BAKIRCI”. The concept will show all visitors the new generation technologies in practice in the area that will consist of 8 sections: ADAS & Diagnostics, Charging Stations, Mechanical Maintenance & Safety Equipment, Axle Measurement & Tire, Chassis Repair, Body & Paint, Expertise & Inspection, Battery Test & Repair.

All service stages of an electric vehicle will be displayed at Automechanika Istanbul

Automechanika Istanbul, where sustainability and user-oriented solutions will be handled as the main themes, will bring together the representatives of the automotive sector with innovative vehicle technologies and correct repair technologies in the field of “Innovation4Mobility by BAKIRCI”. In the concept consisting of 8 sections, new service equipment that meets all the needs of an electric vehicle service will be exhibited on an area of approximately one thousand square meters. In the ADAS & Diagonistics section of the concept, there will be radar, digital cameras, lidar sensors, ultrasonic applicators designed to increase the safety of drivers, and devices that diagnose faults and prepare status reports for the regular operation of these systems. BAKIRCI Group professionals will explain how new generation vehicles should be repaired with the new generation ADAS Calibration device and high level diagnostic devices. In the Charging Stations section, which is designed for electric vehicles increasing day by day both in our country and in the world, the fastest and most reliable OEM approved devices in the world will be able to be examined by the visitors at the new generation charging stations, AC and DC.

Stations will be attended by fully-capable maintenance staff

On the Mechanical Maintenance & Safety Equipments section of the “Innovation4Mobility by BAKIRCI” special area designed by the BAKIRCI Group, high voltage safety equipment used during repair and maintenance, which is one of the most important parts of electric vehicle services, can be examined in all details. In the Axle Measurement & Tire section, which was created specifically for electric vehicles that are heavier than internal combustion engine vehicles due to their batteries, there will be correct disassembly and assembly, correct balancing device and axle measurement devices for safe autonomous driving. All repair systems required for measuring and repairing new generation technological vehicles, whose margin of error has been made more sensitive for safe repair, with the right equipment will be presented to the user experience on the Chassis Repair section.

Different repair methods will be open for user experience in Hall 12

BAKIRCI Group, which brings different repair methods that emerged with the increase in the use of aluminum technology in vehicle body and outer panel sheets to the fair in the Hall 12, will show its visitors the fast, technological and safe devices and applications of the methods to be applied during the repairs on the Body & Paint section. While the Chassis Dynamometer with Eddy Current technology for both stronger and more durable electric vehicles compared to internal combustion engine vehicles and the most technological test equipment for adaptive suspensions are available at the Expertise & Inspection station; In the Battery Test & Repair station, there will be battery test-repair devices for electric vehicle batteries whose repairs require high security, and experts will show how to properly intervene in the battery. Automechanika Istanbul 2023 aims to set a new record by reaching over 1,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors this time at its grand meeting to be held at Istanbul TUYAP Fair and Congress Center between 8-11 June.

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