Axel’s Investment Meeting in the Metaverse

Axel’s Investment Meeting in the Metaverse

Unlock the doors to endless possibilities and join Axel for a journey into the Metaverse. Axel’s, Georgian Angel Investor Newtork’s next Monthly Investor Meeting will take place fully online in’s Metaverse, with technical support of Startup Arrival.

On April 4, selected web3 startups and network member investors will gather in the virtual space, to listen to the startup pitches and make decisions about future investments.

As the network grows and the number of Foreign Angel Investors and Georgians living abroad who are joining Axel increases, the team has decided to organize its upcoming investment meeting in the virtual space of Metaverse to unite all members.

Axel’s mission is to accelerate the development of Georgia’s tech startup ecosystem by facilitating Smart Money investments in the most promising Georgian entrepreneurs.

To introduce early-stage but fast-growing startups to member investors, the network holds monthly meetings where 4-5 pre-selected companies are invited to pitch.

Axel was founded in 2021 and already unites over 75 Georgian and foreign angel investors, who have already made 9 syndicated investments.

The network has already hosted three international summits, during which more than 70 European investors visited Tbilisi. Since 2022, Axel is a member of the board of directors of EBAN (European Angel Investor Network).


If you are interested in joining Axel as an angel investor, fill out the form using the following link:

If you are a startup and want to pitch at future events – fill out the application:…

Learn more about Axel:

The partners of the event are Grant Thornton, GEC Consulting, Entrepreneur Georgia, Medialab, and Arrival Meta. S

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