Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N25

Forbes Georgia in English – Issue N25

We are happy to introduce the 25th English issue of Forbes Georgia.

Cover Story: SUCCESS BEHIND EMIRATES | Author: Madona Gasanova

For many business people, there are years when nothing happens, but for Tamara Machavariani, there are some weeks when a year’s worth of things happen. Machavariani appeared in Forbes Georgia in spring 2021 as the CEO of Rush Group Dubai, then in December 2021 as the owner of Rush Global Dubai, and here she is again with a new chapter in her career: Holiday Connect and Pomona are two companies recently founded by the only Georgian female businesswoman in the UAE.

◾Where Does the World’s Ultra-Wealthy Population Live Today?  | Author: Dorothy Neufeld

◾Which Countries Feature Women on Banknotes? | Author: Ivett Kovács

◾The World’s Richest People | Forbes Billionaires List

◾The Top Audit Firms in Georgia | Author: Shota Tkeshelashvili

◾A Real and Contemporary Parallelism: a Never-ending Conflict Between Russia and Its Neighbors | Authors: Benedetta Visconti, David Tvalavadze, Duru Gulsaran, Marie Hausner

◾Georgia’s Transparency Oscars: Encouraging Healthy Competition to Advance Accountability | Authors: Sebastian Molineus, Irina Gordeladze

◾Carbon Emissions Produced by the Georgian Economy | Shota Tkeshelashvili

◾Regulation in the Gambling Industry. Why Is It Necessary? | Mark Pace

◾A New Investment Opportunity – Interview with Gia Morchiladze| Author: Giorgi Isakadze

◾The Russian Who Votes With His Feet – Interview with Evgeny Chichvarkin | Author: Madona Gasanova

◾A Window to the New Digital World – Chapter25’s Nikoloz Gelashvili| Author: Giorgi Isakadze

◾On the Frontline of Innovation – Giorgi Diasamidze | Author: Anika Muskaria

◾Holding the Reins of Industrial Construction – Element Construction | Author: Elene Kvanchilashvili

◾The General of the Alcohol Industry – Damian McKinney | Author: Giorgi Isakadze

INNOVECS: Where Happy Employees Push the Innovation Forward – Interview with Alex Lutskiy | Author: Georgy Aroniya

◾The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Russian Oligarchs | Authors: Giacomo Tognini and John Hyatt

◾The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Georgian Trade | Author: Beso Namchavadze

◾Electricity as a Type of Property and the Subject of Expropriation | Author: Levan Kokaia

◾2022’s High Growth Economies| Author: Katharina Buchholz

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