Japanese Global Pitch Vol.6 Hosted By Arrival

Japanese Global Pitch Vol.6 Hosted By Arrival

Tsucrea, a leading Japanese startup incubator, is joining forces with Arrival, the premier metaverse event organizing startup, and AXEL, to host the Japanese Startup Global Pitch Vol.6, taking place on May 31st at 11 am Georgian time (3:00 EST) in Spatial Metaverse. 

This dynamic event will showcase some of the most promising Georgian startups, providing a platform to present their innovative ideas and business models to a global audience and investors from Japan and beyond.

While the event will be hosted in Japanese, participants and attendees can join the discussion in English, with Japanese subtitles available for their convenience.

The virtual event will feature a diverse lineup of emerging Georgian businesses:

Arrival – A metaverse event-planning startup creating immersive and engaging virtual events for businesses and individuals;

Elven Technologies – A high-tech personal protection apparel startup;

Gamo – An innovative digital platform for booking physical sports fields seamlessly;

Voovoo – A comprehensive car rental platform that enables individuals and companies to rent vehicles risk-free

As both the host and participant, Arrival will also showcase its own expertise in metaverse event organization, demonstrating the potential of virtual spaces for hosting global events that transcend geographical barriers.

Avatars worldwide will have the opportunity to interact with the featured speakers, asking live questions to foster a truly interactive and engaging event experience.

Attendance at the event in Spatial is free, but visitors are required to complete a registration form in advance. This will grant them virtual land access to create their custom avatar and actively participate in the event.

The “Japanese Startup Global Pitch Vol.6” event is proudly hosted by Arrival, the first Georgian metaverse events startup dedicated to helping companies and organizations host various events in 3D virtual spaces, creating interactive and enjoyable experiences for attendees. S